ASAM self reflection letter

Prepared at the end of the quarter, this is your chance to reflect on the course and the work you have done over the past ten weeks. This should be written in the style of a letter addressed either to me or to you. The letters should do two things, namely: reflect on the course and report/ reflect on the team(s) with whom you worked during the course. The reflections should discuss the readings and topics you found most meaningful, struggles and victories that you had, the ways that elements from the course connect to your life and/or your other courses, and your thoughts on what you would do if you took another course like this. The discussion of your team(s) is your chance to tell me how things worked (or didn’t) with your classmates. If everything went fine and everyone contributed, from your perspective, then you can simply say that. If there were issues with distribution of work, communication, unequal effort, or other problems, then please include those. This will help me adjust the grades for individuals on the team assignments. Regardless, please also reflect on what you (or I) could do to improve team projects in the future. The letter can be as long or as short as you want it to be (though make sure to cover the required elements).

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ASAM self reflection letter
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