Article 1 PADM 530

This module/week will present the foundations of economic development and explain its vital importance. Communities in rural, suburban, and urban areas have differing needs when addressing the challenges of economic development. This module/week will frame the conversation that this course will address in identifying methods and means for local economic development across the span of community needs.

Reading & Study

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Article 1 PADM 530
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Textbook Readings
Presentation: What is Economic Development
Presentation: Introduction to Community Economic Development
Article: A Brief History of Community Economic Development

Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this module, you will be able to:  

Justify the existence of local economic development planning.
Give examples of the types of assets available to economic developers. 
Explain how national and state policies impact local economic development. 
Identify challenges and opportunities inherent in local economic development. 
Compare and contrast various theories, models, and fads in local economic development

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