Art paper

This Module’s essay assignment gives you a chance to evaluate two works of art using the methods of art criticism explained in Chapter 5. You will write an essay (800 – 1200 words) and employ two different methods of critical theory—one for each artwork you choose. 

Step 1: Research
Using your Art Research Guide, visit the sources of your choice and find one work of art that fascinates you. Next, choose one work of art from your eText that we have already studied (excluding any examples of artworks from Chapter 5). Include an image of both artworks, including the necessary captions (artist, title, date). 
Study both artworks in depth, including the biography of the artist, context of the time and place of the artwork’s creation, and techniques, style, media and design employed in the artwork. 
Step 2: Writing
Essay (800 – 1200 words)

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Art paper
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Write an effective introduction with a strong thesis statement. It should identify the specific works you will be writing about, the artists who created them, and which ONE method of critical theory you will be employing for each one (use a different method for each artwork).
Describe the first work using the vocabulary relevant to the medium. Next, utilize one method of critical theory (Formal, Contextual, or Expressive) to evaluate your first work. This section of your essay should include at least two substantive paragraphs.
Describe the second work using the same approach as above, but choose a different method of critical theory to perform your evaluation.
Conclude by explaining why you felt your chosen approaches provided the best means of examining and understanding these works of art.

Basic Information for All Essay Submissions:
Create a “Works Cited” section that lists your 3+ scholarly sources in MLA Style format at the end of your paper. Be sure you have properly cited any direct quotes you use in support of your own writing. For help with MLA Style citations, visit the suggested links in the Art Research Guide or look here in this course under Content > Syllabus > Research.
Etext Link:!/4/2/2/[email protected]:0.00
You will consider the interaction of form and function in architecture, using an example of innovative architecture as a case study.  
Architecture has always been about solving problems for humans and their need for shelter to protect them from and work within their environment. For this reason, buildings can look vastly different depending on the demands of the climate and the local materials available. In modern day, we see architecture evolving to solve more complex problems such comfort, light, efficiency, environmental factors, and aesthetics.
Respond to all parts of the following questions:

How does architecture relate to both science and art?
How are form and function intertwined in successful architectural projects and concepts?
Find an example of architecture that used innovative techniques, materials, or concepts to solve a difficult problem. How did the architect resolve the problem?

Research inventive solutions in architecture. What limitations or restrictions forced the architect to discover a new solution that led to an iconic building? As an example: Read about Denver International Airport. The project was over-budget, behind schedule, and out of solutions. Then, a newly-hired architect’s used his ability to think outside the box to design a building that dramatically changed the outcome, bridging both concept and new materials to produce an icon.
Respond to two other students’ posts, and bring their research to address a problem that you would want to see used in another space or building of your choosing. How would this innovation approach help solve your problem, or change the look and feel of the space? What challenges would this approach have in its new location, time, context and climate?
To receive full credit students must do the following:

Write 1 substantive original response* to all parts of the question before the initial posting deadline.**
* Responses should be a minimum of 200 words. 
Include an image that refers to your post, properly cited references and resources in MLA format.

Photographic references should be labeled to include artist name, title, date, and media (when available).
Downsize all images to 500 px or less before embedding them into your post.

Refer to the Discussion Rubric for more specifics on how the content of your posts will be evaluated to determine your discussion grade.

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