Architecture of a Popular Hypervisor

For this course, which is different than in other courses, there is  only one Portfolio Project option. Throughout each week of this course,  except for during Week 7, students will be completing Portfolio Project  Milestones, which will be awarded points. Each of these Portfolio  Project Milestones is worth 30 points.
Recently, Oza Corporation, a local Denver-based mobile phone service  provider, announced plans to expand its business operations on a  national basis within the United States. The Oza data center is based in  Denver, Colorado and currently houses the following physical hardware:

Six web servers
Five database servers
15 file servers
Seven application servers
Gigabit Ethernet network
Several network routers and switches
Telephony equipment

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Architecture of a Popular Hypervisor
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There are currently 25 employees working in the Oza IT  Department. These employees comprise database administrators, systems  administrators, help desk support engineers, software developers, and  managers. The IT Department’s yearly operational cost is $3.5 million.
The Chief Information Officer of Oza Corporation is concerned that  the building space in the existing data center is inadequate to support  additional server hardware required for the proposed business expansion  and thus, she asks you to provide a recommendation for addressing the  data center limitation.
Deliverable: Within the initial submission of your Project Milestone,  for Week 5, search the internet and the course text, and recommend the  best approach for deploying applications in a virtual environment.  Provide the rationale for your choice. Your paper should be at least 2  pages in length; include at least two scholarly references in addition  to the course textbook. The CSU-Global Library is a good place to find  these references. References must be formatted in accordance with  CSU-Global’s APA requirements.

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