Architecture Argumentative Essay

Eye Reflecting the Interior of the Theatre of Beacons Drawing Eluded, Claude- Nicolas, 1736-1806 “Between the carpenter’s weight strings and marking lines [is something] close to government and enlightenment. Lie Huh, 715-766 Handmaiden if (Rhapsody on the Enfolding-vitality Hall) Ideas and Approaches in Design presents an introductory survey of the concepts and issues involved in the architectural design process. The course material presents actual projects and theoretical propositions from architectural history as exemplar responses and/or alternatives to the distinct challenges entailed in designing an architectural project. Moreover, the historic examples and ideas are presented as illustrative of the broader ideas associated with particular design movements or trends.
By presenting the design process as a broad historical and intellectual endeavor; and as more than a mechanical exercise, Ideas and Approaches in Design seeks to impart the designer with a basic knowledge of and understanding of architectural history and theory; a basic knowledge of and understanding of architectural terminology; and basic understanding of and appreciation of the architectural design process. Department of Architecture School of Design and Environment National University of Singapore ARREAR – Module Handbook semester

Each lecture session is conducted by either one of the module tutors. All students are required to attend each session and read each session’s corresponding readings. All students are required to submit a written responses the sessions’ assigned readings. Tutorial The lectures are supplemented by one hour (1 hour) tutorial sessions. The tutorials are conducted under the supervision of Teaching Assistants from the Department of Architecture. The tutorials sessions are the forum to review and address any questions about the lecture session. Attendance Attendance at all lecture and tutorial sessions is compulsory to receive a full assessment.
Students who arrive tardy to any lecture or tutorial session by ten (10) minutes will be considered absent. In the event a student is unable to attend a session due to illness, documentary proof of the illness is required be submitted to the Tutor upon the student’s return. Absences due to reasons other than medical also require documentary proof and will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Students are permitted one (1) unexcused absence per term. Sketchbook – 10% Students are required to maintain a sketchbook documenting all lecture sessions particularly noting key concepts or words and their meanings.
The sketchbooks are also to contain the students’ ketches of exemplary buildings or objects presented during the (count. ) Oral Presentation – 10% Students are required to prepare a ten (10) minute verbal presentation corresponding to one of the twelve (12) lecture session topics. The presentation material may build upon, challenge, or provide an alternative to the subject material presented during a lecture session.
No more than two (2) students may present on the topic of a given week. Reading Responses – 30% Students are required to submit reading responses to five (5) of the twelve (12) session’s corresponding readings. The written responses summarize and critique the key arguments presented by the author(s). The responses are to be a minimum of one (1) page in length (approximately 300-500 words). Reading responses are due exactly one (1) week after the session to which the readings correspond. Please note, no late submissions will be accepted. Final Project – 50% Students are required to complete a final project.

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Architecture Argumentative Essay
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