APA Format Paper

ITS 631 Paper #2 (Chapters 5 – 8)                                  
20 Points Possible                                                    
Open Textbook and Resources
APA format is required – USE THE APA TEMPLATE.
Each question below must be addressed in your paper. Use an in-text heading to identify each question. Each question must also contain appropriate APA-formatted citations which match full references at the end of the paper, supporting your responses. All references should be from the years 2015 to present day. Each section should be at least 2-3 paragraphs in length.
Review the rubric that will be used to evaluate this paper.

Describe the foundation of Deming’s “14 Points.”

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APA Format Paper
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Read the case: Katz Carpeting, available in the Operations Management textbook, Chapter 7.  If production of standards and specials is separated, how different will JIT implementation be for production of the different products? Explain what would be needed in JIT implementation for both products.

Describe the two aspects to implementing the six-sigma concept.

Describe the ten guidelines for selecting forecasting software. 

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