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 Paper instructions:
Turn in a 1-2 page outline detailing your team’s strategy to complete your term project. This will not be your complete presentation, but it will include a good foundation for the presentation you will turn in during Module 7. Be sure to include the following:1.  A brief discussion of which job titles you will prioritize and why
a.  Plan to prioritize at least 4 of the job titles

2.  A general plan for each prioritized job title:
a.  To perform job analysis
b.  To source and recruit
c.  To select by assessing KSAOs and/or competencies
d.  To make offers and place new hires
e.  To retain these employees
Note that sections b – e only need to be general in nature, since these topics have not been fully covered in the course yet.
3.  Briefly describe your presentation (e.g., will it be Prezi, PowerPoint, video, etc.?).

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4.  Briefly describe each team members’ area of responsibility (e.g., X is in charge of the first part, Y will            create the job analysis plan, Z will create the selection plan, etc.).

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