Annotated works cited page for Research Argument Essay

Minimum required outside sources: 5 (Three must be peer-reviewed.)
As with all works cited pages you must list your sources in alphabetical order. List each source in MLA format and write a short annotation in the following format:
Publication’s viewpoint (professional medical journal, conservative news paper, feminist magazine, etc.)
Author’s viewpoint and credibility (What is the author’s profession? Is this person considered an expert in the field he or she is writing about?)
The article’s main message (conclusion/thesis/claim) (What is the main message of this piece? )
List any faulty reasoning, lack of credibility, or piece of the argument you disagree with (Is there anything in the article with which you disagree? If so, what is your disagreement with the piece? Are the sources the author used credible? Are there any logical fallacies or other faults in reasoning or logic?
Write how the article will be or not be useful to you in your paper.
Bindley, Katherine. “Bullying And Suicide: The Dangerous Mistake We Make.” The Huffington Post., 08 Feb. 2012. Web. 09 Oct. 2013.
The Huffington Post is a liberal news and opinion website. The author, Katherine Bindley, has been a social worker in public high schools for the last fifteen years. Due to her experience working with high school students who are bullied, she is a credible expert. The article’s main message is that authorities and parents make the mistake of thinking that if their child appears happy it means the child is not suffering. (Brief aside-I’m making all of this up for the example-it’s not true.) The author’s reasoning is a bit faulty when she declares that watching certain video games can exacerbate the problems bullied children are having; she doesn’t have any evidence to support that claim. This article was very interesting, but my paper focuses more on why bullies bully than on why people who are bullied commit suicide. 

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Annotated works cited page for Research Argument Essay
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