Annotated Bibliography

The analytical writing assignment will be an annotated bibliography. An annotated bibliography is a list of sources related to a particular topic, which includes an analysis of the source’s qualities and its applicability to the particular topic. Students will choose a topic or area of interest for the annotated bibliography related to Zeynep Tufekci’sTED Talk. 
·  Your annotated bibliography will include 6 sources.
·  Sources for the annotated bibliography may include the following: books, book chapters, scholarly articles, reputable websites, magazines, trade journals, videos, newspapers, interviews, and more. 
·  You must have at least three different typesof sources in your annotated bibliography. 
·  Each source’s annotation should be approximately 150 words long and cited in MLA style.
Grading Criteria:
· Having a well-defined focus of your research that clearly relates to your topic
· Organizing your information, ideas and list of sources logically and in a way that is easy to follow (either topically or alphabetically)
· Showing evidence in your writing that you have a strong understanding of your sources and subject matter, and that you have analyzed them effectively
· Showing evidence that you have done sufficient research to choose six strong sources for the project
· Using details, summaries and explanations effectively 
· Using clear language with attention to MLA formatting, grammar, word choice and punctuation
More about the Rough Draft . . .
Your rough draft will be worth 25 points and the final draft will be worth 150 points. To earn the full 25 points on your rough draft, you must show that you gave sufficient effort and time to your writing. The rough draft must include 4 or more sources with annotations.

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