Analyzing and visualization

This exercise involves you working with an already acquired dataset  to undertake the remaining three key steps of examining, transforming  and exploring your data to develop a deep familiarisation with its  properties and qualities. Complete the “Olympic Medalists” exercise  located at the following link:
Working With Data
Provide at least a 3-5 Page Paper 
For each dataset:
Examination: Articulate the meaning of the data (its representativeness and phenomenon) and thoroughly examine the physical properties (type, size, condition) noting down your descriptions in each case. Compare what the datasets offer and contrast their differences.
Transformation: What could you do/would you need  to do to clean or modify the existing data? What other data could you  imagine would be valuable to consolidate the existing data?
Exploration: Use a tool of your choice (common  recommendations would be Excel, Tableau, R) to visually explore the two  datasets separately in order to deepen your appreciation of their  physical properties and their discoverable qualities (insights) to help  you cement your understanding of their respective value.
1. Make the data stand out. The  focus here is on revealing the structure of the data. It includes  discussion of how to fill the data region, transform data, choose an  appropriate scale for an axis, eliminate chart junk and other superfluous material, and avoid having graph elements interfere with data, which includes topics such as over plotting, jittering, and transparency.
2. Add information. In addition to the usual conveyance of the  importance of labeling axes and using legends, we also discuss how to:  use color and plotting symbols to convey additional information; add  context with reference markers and labels; and write comprehensive  captions that are self-contained, describe the important features, and  summarize the conclusions drawn from the graph.
3. Key Questions and Interpretations of Data Analysis…

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Analyzing and visualization
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