An Exploration of the Impact of Employer Motivation on Organisational Success

This research Explores the Impact of Employer Motivation on Organisational Success, and how employers plan strategically for the well-being of its staff; to make them comfortable in their jobs, which will make them more effective and efficient. It also looks at what gives the employers satisfaction, and what motivates them. These are important factors which will work in favour of the organisation.

This study is based on a company called Greener Books Limited which at the moment uses Amazon the famous online company to retail their books.
The company deals in used books and have been in business for approximately 5 years. The books are of good quality and affordable.
The company has been in the E-commerce industry for some time now, and has been competing well in the sector. The researcher would like to investigate what has given the company its edge even in time of difficulty, to be able to weather the storm.
The researcher will outline the objectives and significance in achieving organisational performance, its various limitations and a clear definition of motivation.
The researcher will also demonstrate how if employers are well motivated, the impact it’s going to have on employees, and how it is going to contribute to the success of the organisation. This will be shown after analysing the role of the employer, and the impact he or she will make on the organisation.
Choice of Research Area
The reason for this research topic is because the researcher feels not much has been discussed on employer motivation, and not a lot of researchers have been bold enough to venture into the area of employer motivation. As many of the researchers feels employer motivation is all about making profit. This research is going to prove employer motivation goes beyond making profit alone.
Background of Study
The study of this research is based on motivation, which is linked to Human Resource Management (HRM). Human resource management can be defined as all management decisions and practices that directly affect or influence the people, or human resources, who work for the organisation. (Fisher et al. 2003). It also looks at success and leadership in an organisation
This research is going to provide us with information about employer motivation, as not much has been said about it before; the researchers aim is to fill that gap, as most theorists only talk about employee motivation. Like Maslow who talks about the hierarchy of needs, that an individual would have to satisfy one need before he can go to the next level, or Alderfer, who like Maslow said that the individual needs are more a continuum than hierarchical level. More than one need may be activated at the same time. Herzberg went on to create his two-factor theory which is the hygiene factor and the motivators or growth factors. Many more theorists discussed motivations of employee. The researcher is going to discuss more in the literature review.
This research project is looking at the aspect of motivation that most researchers don’t talk about, and why most people believes money is the only motivating factor for any employer. The focus of this research is going to be on small businesses, as it will be easier for the researcher to get hold of the employers themselves.
The researcher is going to be using qualitative methods in the analysis of this research because it provides more insight for this topic, and helps the researcher to understand employers better. Questionnaires are going to be the form of data collection, due to word limitation for the whole research; the researcher would not be able to combine other data collection methods for this research.
Statement of the Problem
Why do people feel money is the only motivating factor for employers?
One of the major problems facing employers is that people often feel that they go into the business mainly to make profit. This is important to study because there are more to employers than making profit alone. They also look for job satisfaction and esteem as any other employee, and that is why a lot has not been said about employer motivation.
To find out the truth, and to change the perception of individuals towards employers, the researcher would have to speak to or ask a number of employers and owners of small businesses in north-west London to help in this survey, by filling in questionnaires.
Aims of the Research
The aim of this research is to explore the impact(s) of employer motivation on organisational success, and how it affects the everyday activities and enhance productivity of Greener Books Limited to become a self sufficient online retail organisation. The research will focus on small businesses in north-west area of London
Research Objectives
To identify the motivating factors employers have in owning a business.
To identify whether it is more-rewarding to run a business, as opposed to working for someone else.
To change the perception of people towards employers.
To highlight the significance of motivation in a business environment.
Significance of Study
This study is important for the following reasons:
It will show that employers need to be motivated just as much as employee.
It will show that employers and employees are motivated by different factors.
It will challenge the perception that making a profit is the main reason employers set up a business.
It study will change the idea people have about employers.

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An Exploration of the Impact of Employer Motivation on Organisational Success
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