Agency Law

Read Case Question #37 in Chapter 17. Provide a discussion for each of your answers to questions a, b, and c. Respond to at least two other students’ postings.

37. Agent or Employee

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Agency Law
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Apex Truck Company had an established rule that its truck drivers were not allowed to carry passengers in the trucks. Further, this rule was included in the contract between the union and the company. Peterman, a driver for Apex, invited a friend to ride in his truck on a day’s delivery trip. As a result of Peterman’s carelessness during the trip, the truck was involved in a collision and his friend was seriously injured.

  1. Is the employer responsible to third parties for injuries caused by an employee in the normal performance of employment?
  2. Would Peterman be held responsible for the injuries?
  3. Is an employer liable to third parties for all actions of an employee?
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