Admission Essay for the University of Alaska Anchorage

I am of the firm belief that a person without a defining vision for oneself is only as good as that someone living without a sense of direction and meaning in one’s life. This is because I find it needless to contend that personal vision is an essential ingredient to live a sensible life.

Vision, if I may argue, is the eternal fount from where all our actions flow, if not from where all our motives take cue. For that reason, I am inclined to think that, only when a person is able to appreciate a complete picture of who he or she is, not the least an idea of what one wants to become in his or her life, can that someone truly come to understand the essence of living a meaningful life.

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Admission Essay for the University of Alaska Anchorage
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In ways more than one, I am applying at the University of Alaska Anchorage moved by the controlling motive to pursue a vision which I have long believed to be a noble vocation which my heart truly beats for – i.e., to become a successful pilot for the commercial industry, by capitalizing on the learning that I can gain from a Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies.
And believe that I can become successful in my chosen field if I am able to pour a fair amount of effort in setting my academic and professional goals right at the onset.
Of paramount importance to my vision is to finish a Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies. Since the nature of my prospective profession entails immersing myself into the vastly diverse cultures of the world, I believe that a Degree in International Studies is, essentially, of no little importance to my personal and professional journey.
At the very least, a degree in International Studies can surely help me appreciate the many different facets of human dynamics, projected, as it were, onto the larger sphere on international arena.
And by allowing me to obtain a Degree in International Studies, I believe that the University can become instrumental in helping me appreciate my profession not only as a career, but also – nay, even more so – an avenue for greater appreciation of, and respect for world cultures.
Secondly, I have reasons to think that my past experiences have been largely contributory to my decision to take up International Studies. Having been raised into a Bush Alaskan environment, where diversity – more than anything else – thrived, in addition to having been given a rare opportunity to briefly pursue scholastic training in Australia, as well having been into not a few States and world countries during my childhood and early adulthood years, I believe that I have a lot of experiences that need dutiful interpretation under the lenses of academic sciences.
This is where, I can only surmise, the University steps in. For one, I am more than certain that the University can help me – through the courses slated in its International Studies Degree – to put into wise perspectives the lessons that I have already gained from my otherwise rich life experiences.

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