Adding Attributes to Patient-PCP Design

This Lab uses and expands upon the OURDatabase Access file that you submitted in Module 01. In order to assure that your database is correct, please view the document below which contains images showing how your database should look prior to beginning this lab.

File: How OURDatabase should look Prior to Beginning Mod 02 Lab

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Adding Attributes to Patient-PCP Design
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In this assignment, you will add more attributes to the existing tables in your OURDatabase. This will be OURDatabase Step 2. When adding the new attributes, do not be very concerned with specifying data Types at this time (such as numeric). Microsoft Access will assign types automatically, however, you may go back later and change those any time before data are entered.

Add the following to the Patient ID table:

Street address 
State of residence 
Next of kin’s name 
Insurance company 
Insurance ID 
Plan number

Add the following to the PrimaryCare Practitioner table: 

Salutation (Mr., Dr., Ms., Mrs.)
Suffix (MD, DO) 
Board certified

Take the following screenshots of your database and paste the images into a single Microsoft Word document: 

Screenshot 1: Patient ID table in design view
Screenshot 2: PrimaryCare Practitioner table in design view

If you are not familiar with taking screenshots, please visit the Library and Learning Services page “How can I take a screenshot on my smartphone, tablet, Mac, or PC?for guidance.

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