ABC Solutions Inc.

ABC Solutions Inc.

Mission statement – Our mission is to make things simpler and smoother for business to grow exponentially and to create an ideal work environment, where each contributes enthusiastically to their full capacity towards the growth of the business.

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ABC Solutions Inc.
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Vision- Our vision is to become the best service provider with a holistic approach towards business.
Competitors- Our competitors are the Fortune 500 companies with services and products across industry verticals. However, we perceive ourselves as the top competitors for our business as we strive to compete with our own best practices and improve our business strategies and operations continuously every five years. The infrastructure in terms of human, financial resources and Information Technology infrastructure are the key factors driving our business. Our motto of implementing the best practices in the Information Technology sector is our USP and the service orientation of our policies and IT strategies are our differentiating factors.
This sector provides us an opportunity to implement the best of strategies in developing business and taking it to the next level of operation. The availability of industry standards like Capability Maturity Models (CMM) and International Standards Organization (ISO) provide a framework for formulating an Information Technology strategy for the company and take it to a higher level of operation. As the company is operating in the industry with services and products and in the Information Technology sector, streamlining the operations according to the best practices of this industry by adopting business operational standards ISO 20001 and CMM Level 5 would be of great help for the effective channelizing of the company’s resources. As there is a need for the integration of the different departments for the efficient use of company’s resources and also enhance productivity, it is imperative that there is an efficient communication system in place that enables faster communication. This requires proper and efficient data handling and the resourceful use of the same for making business critical decisions for the present as well as for the future. There is also the need for high capacity servers for huge amounts of data storage and hence the need for data storage and networking of the systems. Also, since the data traffic is expected to increase by at least three fold, the capacity of the data storage servers and their efficiency in speed is of concern and needs to be very large so as to accommodate future data storage needs.
Further, as the data stored in the servers is of primary importance to the business and its security of great concern for the company’s survival, secure networks and information processing and communication is required. There is a need for the efficient handling of the data which can be differentiated based on the usage and processing. Data can be differentiated into Master data, Organizational data and Transactional data for convenience and ease of use. Also, this way, the security of data is also ensured. Further more, the strategic planning for the efficient data handling by the different departments can be taken care of by providing different User Interfaces for each of the different departments based on the core activity of each. This way, the redundancy of data can also be avoided in the database and the security aspect of it is also taken care of as each user accesses the data relevant to the task that he performs. Further more, the speed of data access can also be of importance and hence the state-of-the-art infrastructure for the Information Technology is procured and provided for use. The software and hardware are to be updated as per the present requirement and also considering the future estimation of users and data processing speed required.
Since the business provides both B2B and B2C solutions and the services and products and is highly technology dependent, there is a greater need for acquiring the latest and efficient software packages which can efficiently integrate all the processes of the organization. Also, rolling out new and innovative products that offer value to the customers is the need of the hour to have an edge over the competitors. Further, creating a presence in almost all the verticals of the market and creating a niche in the same should be the priority at this juncture as the company is already a name to reckon with in the information technology market. Since, there is need for the strategic planning and implementation of the enterprise wide resources and operations, the introduction of standard procedures and practices in all the departments can be of great help to ensure the smooth and timely flow of information across the enterprise and further, connecting the different company codes spread across the globe and the implementation of standard and a single uniform technology would be preferred solution to take the enterprise business into the next level of operation for efficiency and effectiveness. Further, the work flow process, particularly the communication with the different vendors and the customers can be handled efficiently by the use of a common integrated operational infrastructure. Since, the business needs timely data and resources to sustain and also beat any competition, there is a need for efficient planning of the budgetary resources as well as the human resources.
The strategic plan can include training the employees for efficient usage of Information Technology implemented in the company to enhance the productivity and also to take a future direction for developing and including highly sophisticated infrastructure that can become the key differentiator for the business. Since the use of a single sophisticated third party information systems readily available in the market can effectively channelize the different departments of the enterprise, the enterprise can choose to map and implement the high-end Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) Software like SAP (Systems, Applications and Products in Data Warehousing) which offers features for almost every process of the enterprise. There is also the advantage of integrating the different company codes spread across the globe along with future enhancements. The various employees concerned with each department and the collective customization of the enterprise processes with the flexibility of enhancements and modifications of the same to suit the present as well as the future information needs of the enterprise can be strategically planned and implemented to derive value from the investments. Furthermore, the initiative to use the high-end technology to derive more mileage out of using Information Technology and the integration of all the concerned work processes are all focused to achieve the mission and goals of the enterprise. Training and the efficient use of the same is imperative for the efficient business management and integration of the same. As efficiency increases, productivity also increases thus increasing the value proportion for the business and further increasing the cost-effectiveness of the IT operations thus implemented through the IT strategy.
As the future needs are also taken into consideration while planning and implementing the IT strategy, the enabling of two way communication with customers and vendors greatly enhances and speeds up the business process. Increasing the web presence is important as there is an increased demand for the right information to the customers for increased speed of decision making. Decision making by the enterprise management also speeds up with the availability of online data from vendors and customers. Implementing Search Engine Optimization techniques and the use of ERP software like SAP enables the company to have greater web presence. While a web presence can give the company greater flexibility in advertising, marketing and sales, it can also be used to enable direct online sales of available products and services along with offering the feature of customized orders for services. Information needed by the prospective customers is also made available on the website with information like the mission, goals, products and services along with the material used in the different products, the product availability, invoices and the logistics details for business. The security of data is of paramount importance and the ERP technology implemented should be able to handle this requirement. Information like the customer data, the products and services, pricing or quotations, budgetary investments of the company, employee details, etc. are maintained and processed using the technology being implemented.
Further, the security and integrity of the information stored and retrieved is of primary importance for the business to function efficiently and reap benefits keeping with the goals of the company. Hence, a strategy for data backup and storage is necessary and this can be done by the enabling of data storage at different locations or servers and separated as per usage and need for modification. Usually, as the master data along with the organizational date of any company does not change over a period of time, it is useful to store the same at a different location than the transactional data and hence any obstruction in accessing transactional data cannot affect the permanent data. Also, the strategy of having a backup of the important data at multiple locations that can be used for business intelligence and decision making is also useful for the handling disasters in information handling.
Further, the employees are to be picked with great care as they determine the success of using these technologies. Preference is to be given to pick the fresh talent from the universities and then mould them effectively to fit the company’s requirements thus ensuring dedicated and enthusiastic workforce who can adapt to the environment and also be responsible for bringing innovative practices and ideas to the enterprise. Further, talented employees through referrals and through consultants can be recruited and trained accordingly to contribute to the company’s growth in line with the mission and goals. The working environment for the employees can offer greater flexibility with a range of options and incentives like working online for a maximum of three months in a year, paid holidays and others for attracting employee loyalty.

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