A Woman Made a Yemeni Future

A woman made a Yemeni future The Republic of Yemen is one of the poorest countries in Arab world. Recently, Yemeni politic was rule by plain dictatorship for a long term. The economy is poor and corruptions were rampant in Yemen. Hence the Yemeni people made a decision to stand up to establish a democratic government. The Yemen uprising was up on January 2011 in Sana’a University which is in Yemen’s capital. The leader of the protests was Tawakel Karman from Yemen. This essay will explain who Tawakel Karman is and why her accomplishments were recognized to the Nobel Peace Prize committee.
Tawakel Karman is one of the greatest political activists in the world. She was born in 1979 in the port town of Taiz, which face with the Red Sea. She has been active in searching for freedom of expression and women rights in the Arab words. At the same time, she is a journalist and a member of the Al-Islah, which is the largest opposition party in Yemen. Tawakel and the protesters  shouted ‘Day for rage’ among the troops and armed government officers at the seaport of Aden in northern Yemen.?
She is one of the three persons who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2011 and became the first woman from Arabia to be awarded the prize. She has continued to regularly partake in protest activities to insist on freedom of expression and women rights over the past five years. The Nobel Peace Prize Committee in Norway admired her achievements of “seeking full attribution to the society, claiming the safety and rights of women without violence”. In the social background of the affair, there was huge discontent towards the long term dictator government in the Arab worlds.?

Thus, she decided to lead not only the victims of ‘The Arab Spring’ but also all the people who deserve better human rights. Thus, Tawakel Karman’s achievements have brought great changes not just in Yemen but in many other Arabian countries too. There are three reasons why Tawakel Karman’s achievements were deserving for winning the Nobel Peace Prize. First, she made contributions to improve Yemeni human rights and freedom of expressions, which were in a nonviolent way.
Despite of the Yemeni dictator Saleh resorted to arms, she pressed for the improvement in social affair, which were great things. For example, she led a huge number of the Yemeni people and chanted their slogan in chorus again and again. Those incidents were broadcasted all over the world and aroused sympathy from many people. She indicated the Yemeni people’s strong intensions through an interview. ‘We Yemeni people do not yield the dictator-ruled government and we want freedom in a peaceful way. ‘ Second, she insisted that the Yemeni woman should be liberated from Yemeni traditional dress codes.
For example, by taking off her headdress and showing her face, she insisted that the dress code is enforced not by Koran, but by male-dominated Yemeni society. Her smiles were different from what we Japanese are used to have seen, she looked very confident. However, if she did not insist the importance to break away from such a bad custom, Yemeni woman still could not share their real feelings. That is to say, they would be forced to un-sensitive communication. If I were a Yemeni woman, I could not stand such a small world and might have gone insane at least.
Finally, she co-founded the human rights group ‘Woman Journalists Without Chains’ to make the Yemeni woman belong to all of the Yemeni society with safety. For example, she made full use of social network like a mobile phone to share her opinions and activity to the world. The Yemeni dominated social network looked like the Japanese painted textbook; General Headquarter censored and painted out the Japanese publications to hide the information, which they did not want to be known after World War 2 was ended.
If I could not express what I want to say, nobody would understand myself. For the each reasons I stated above are about Tawakel Karman’s achievements to break away from the Yemeni social pressure in an amicable way. There is no Yemeni happiness without her achievements. Consequently, Tawakel Karman is indispensable for the Yemeni people and that is why her accomplishments were recognized the Nobel Peace Prize committee. (721words)

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A Woman Made a Yemeni Future
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