A Thesis in Institutional Management

1. To identify the major theories that is usually taught in most of the universities specializing Hotel and Restaurant Management Major in Institutional Management.
2. How do they implement theories in their companies and the way it is being practiced?
3. To come up with a framework in practices as implemented by selected companies in Malate.

Institutional management is often associated with hotel and restaurant management since it is one of the two major courses that can be chosen in taking up Hotel and Restaurant Management. Consistently ranked in the ten top hospitality programs, the Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management (HRIM) program prepares students for careers in the hospitality industry. The four year program leads to a B.S. degree, with a curriculum founded in academic disciplines which include the liberal arts, business, science, and specialized courses in theoretical as well as managerial components for the hotel and restaurant industry (www. udel.edu/CSC/hrim.html). At this present time, Hotel and restaurant management major in Institutional Management and Culinary Arts is very in demand in the Philippines.
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In 1890, it was Ellen Richards of New England Kitchen who influenced the home economists to work in food service and in other aspects of managing a variety of institutions, including schools, colleges, orphanages, hospitals, prisons, military facilities, hotels, and restaurants. In 1910, the American Home Economics Association formed the Institution Economics section, and matters related to institutional management-especially school lunches-were popular topics of discussion at conferences and in periodicals.
The American Dietetic Association was formed in 1917 as an offshoot of the AHEA, and by the 1920s programs in institutional management were being established in many schools of home economics in land-grant and other universities. In addition, at some universities, schools of hotel and restaurant management were affiliated with schools of home economics and trained students for a wide variety of careers in the hospitality industry. (www.hearth.library.cornell.edu/h/hearth/inst_mgt.html).
Degree programs in hospitality management studies like Institutional Management is very important to learn for those who would like to work as managers or supervisors in a restaurant or hotel. It gives details in managing and operating hotels and restaurants and business side of running a hotel or restaurant. It will also provide them with a strong management and service orientation as well as a global perspective of hotel and restaurant operations. In the Philippines, there are a lot of universities, especially in metro manila offers Hotel and Restaurant Management courses because of the development and progress of hospitality industry in the Philippines and outside the country. Many students decide to take this course for they believe it will give them good work and salary in the country or abroad.

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