A Story of an entrepreneur

Entrepreneur is an individual who organizes and operates a business and taking financial risk to do so. The entrepreneur is commonly seen as an innovator of new ideas, and business processes. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses ,and entrepreneurs are no exception. But all entrepreneurs share certain qualities. We all know about Md. Yuan’s, Salmon F. Raman, Bill gates, Richard Brannon and so on. They create such a miracle in the world as an entrepreneur.
But now we are talking about a person who is not such popular like hem; but he an real life entrepreneur He earns very low but he can be the great example for us or those who wants to be an entrepreneur. His name is Md Kafka All, An entrepreneur. He is a freedom fighter and now he is a hawker of Goulash Hawkers Market ,make his earnings by selling cloth products like T-shirts, pant, children’s outfits and other materials. He was born in 1950 in National at Lakehurst district in Islanders village . He is the youngest son of Mohammad All and Nazism statue.
From childhood he was familiar with poverty and at very early GE he lost his parent’s. Md. Kafka all is not an educated person at all. He Just went to school only for one day!!!!! And that day he decided that he will never come to school again!!! But this fact can’t beat his confidence. In 1971, he participated in the war. After that 9 month bloodshed war. He lost everything. He had nothing to do at that time. So he took a loan of only 500 take from a relative and then came in Dacha 1975 . He didn’t have any plan or idea. He didn’t knew his destination.

But he had only one thing and that is courage and self-confidence. He slowly made connections everywhere. He met as many people as he could and bullied up relationships. Afterwards, this people helped him. They took him to guiltiest and attached him how to do his business. From that day he started a new life. Then he started his business by a rickshaw van from one area to another to sell his product like T-shirts, pant, children’s outfits and other materials. Then after some time he rented a small shop with his product in sultana.
It is true that Kafka all is not as popular as the other entrepreneur but now he is much solvent. Now he is the owner of his own shop in the goulash hawkers market he is very much popular for his honesty. He usually opens his shop at 9:00 am and finishes his work 10:00 pm. So he works for 14 hours a day,but in the seasonal times like Did he works for almost 20 hours daily. Beside him,his grandson helps him to work. Basically,there is only one employee working in the shop but in seasonal times he hires 4 employees by working in two shifts and he pays 3000 take to each employees and also provides food and shelter to them.
He also give them performance bonuses so that they get motivated to attract more customers. He rations the bonus by the number of products sold by an individual employee. He maximizes his profit in the winter season;This is peak time he sells his product the most. He also makes a handsome amount of profit in the national festivals like Did LU flirt and Durra Pupas. He incurred a severe loss when there is a hart. Hart interrupts his daily business routine. Let is quite impossible for him to various places. He mainly asks for people from his relatives and brings employees room his village.
He expects good behavior from them so that they can deal with customers effectively. Elf they fails to maintain this,he fires them out. He expects honesty and loyalty from the employees. From Sultana and Maryanne,Saber All brings all his Readmes garment products. He had many dealers and keep regular contact with them, and bought good from them. Very rarely he buys the goods on cash but most of the times he buys them on account. His daily sales revenue is equivalent to 2000 to 3000 Take and from there he makes a profit of 700 to 900
Take. He states that he is quite happy with the profit he makes. The customers mainly comes to his shop because he charges less then the other shoppers which sit Just beside his shop. He attracts the customers by the diversity of the products. The most interesting fact is his main customers are not the lower class people but the higher class ones from the trip-state area like Goulash and Banana?and they are the regular ones!! He gave an advice to us about what a person need to be if he [she wants to be an entrepreneur.
He states that every entrepreneur must believe in himself. One should maintain honesty and believe in the decisions he make. He notes that without honesty no one can succeed in life. One should be hardworking to achieve the goal of the business. We should salute and respect this Freedom fighter because instead of all this ups and downs he never gave up. He continued his business even after incurring a loss. He has tremendous self confidence which made him able to run the business for 38 years. That is what a true entrepreneur have to have.

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