A analysis of Google quit Chinese market

Fourthly, the conflict between Google and Chinese government had upgrade to diplomatic emissions, the wise was both of two government solve this problem in intellect way. 2. 0 The company profile of Google Google is an American multinational corporation, which is worked on Internet service including search, cloud computing software and online advertising. The mission and vision of Google is to organize the world’s Information and make it universally accessible and useful. As the culture of Google, they hire smart and determined people.
Its employees share common goals and vision, but they hire people from all over the world. When they are not work, the offices environment like home and It Is leased. They have open culture, make every contributor feel comfortable. (Google, 2014) 2. 1 The introduction of Google’s problem encountered in China The most of obvious problem is Google have conflict with Chinese government. At the beginning, Google was not obeyed Chinese Internet Censored regulation. But under the pressure of Chinese government, Google tried to cooperate that is not approved by Chinese government, but it did arouse against in the rest of world.
A internal problem from Google is they did not understand Chinese culture and language which make search engine Inefficiency. Google’s business had been taking from Its competitor?Bald. According to high level report (San, 2007, p. 6) 3. 0 Evaluation of the Inter personal relationships affects the corporation’s profit in China Interpersonal relationship means a strong, deep, or close association between two or more people. The interpersonal relationships are formed in the context of social, cultural, traditional and other elements.

For most of people, they are likely to feel non-treatable with foreigners, which is hurting international business. Such as Google, it entered China as foreigners, it hard or Google to open Chinese market. Therefore, inter personal relationships allow build trust or even friendship, which is beneficial to corporation’s business. Furthermore, Inter personal relationships allow International corporation know the local culture, which Is good for communication. Inter personal relationships can eliminate the barrier In communication, and offer high efficiency and unblocked communication and in respect way.
Google do not know the Chinese culture and instead of English. Google did not realize it, its functions of mandarin is weak, so seers cannot get satisfy answer by Google search engine. Interpersonal relationship is based on culture, it is seemingly more vital in China than any rest of countries. The inter personal had been becoming indispensable social element which ensures social function operation, since thousands years ago, inter personal tradition had formed. The foreign corporation effort to enter China market, it is important to learn this culture.
Apparently, Google did not figure out this issue, they did not understand culture, and try to use their successful experience in America to open Chinese market. They make their business operation too professionals and cool, which betrayed Chinese culture. Because the misunderstanding Chinese situation, they are not favorable for Chinese net citizens. Compare with national brand Baud, the local business are deeper understanding Chinese situation, Baud occupies more market than Google. For example, Baud has many functions which is understanding Chinese culture.
Such as Baud Zooidal, it provides a platform to let Internet citizen ask question and answer. And Baud Tibet is very suitable to Chinese Internet citizens, they can communicate on the Tibet. Agreeably, it gathers the people who have common point. Furthermore, Baud search engine understands Chinese language, so user are easy to access what they want, but Google not. (Edward, 2010) Not only the Chinese business men work rely on inter personal relationships, but also are international corporations necessary have good relation with government and authorities.
The good relation with government official provides the good communication that make international corporations deeper understand local regulations. It is helpful to international corporations which is not adopted Chinese environment to change and transform. However, Google are too late to realize this, they had been trying to work on Internet freedom and try to build this as brand image in first several years entered China market. The brand image was not successful as they expected. With the Baud’s rise, Google had been losing market share, and having trouble with Chinese government.
According high level report (John 2011, p 1) Hence, it is easier for Google to operate it businesses, if they have good inter personal relationships network as international corporations. It can allow the opportunities and bring profit. Without inter personal relationship is hard to move on in China, but friends can impart experience and help. As long as international corporation build good inter personal relationship, they are likely to access success and harmony cooperation relations. According high level report (David, p 3) 4. Chinese Internet Management Begun in 2003, Chinese government built the Great Firewall, it can block some foreign websites and surveillance of the network. Any uncensored Internet information is found that will be immediately deleted or shielded. Strength of monitoring program A, Contain the Internet violence B, Contain the Internet rumor C, Keep harmful content away from child A, It impose restriction on Google information B, It hurt human rights and make Google be debatable. 4. 1 The strength of monitoring program In China, the Internet violence has been overflow, which can be controlled by program.
A behavior called “Human flesh search” This action allows net citizens to dig up another net citizens’ private information including real name, address, hand phone number, his employer and so on. The Chinese official and social expertise judge this behavior is Internet violence and guilty. Hence, they persisted monitoring program which contained this behavior. “Human flesh search” did hurt huge number of people. Some person had action which is unaccepted to other net citizens. The latter would use “Human flesh search” dig up their information, and abuse, threaten the victims.
And it also infringes upon citizen’s legal rights, such as right to privacy. Meanwhile, the Great Firewall can intercept dirty language, personal abuse. In some degree, it does refine the Internet environment. The circumstance can be controlled by government. Google is so powerful and it search engine can be this crime’s accessory. It is refine the environment of Google. So, for Google, this monitoring can help Google find the crime information, it is good for Google development. (ROB, 2012) The Internet rumor has been overflow, which also has been keeping down by the program.
In China, the Internet rumor is seemingly worse than any rest of countries. Rumor disrupts normal social order and brings about panic, riot, which is immorality. The government has duty to crackdown on online rumors to give citizen a truth. The radical content can be kept away from children. Some information is ultra, which s full of violence, pornographic, and poison. The child can easily access that information. The appropriate management is benefit to child. The parents are not worry about that children read bad information. (Shannon, 2013) 4. The weakness of Internet management The monitoring system is so strong that cover whole Internet, it can surveillance privacy, stop information, shield search engine. Chinese government use it prohibit many things. It is violate human rights. In China, it is hard to separate the politically- motivated Internet management and protecting legitimate citizen’s interest. The overspent takes advantage of the monitoring system to achieve political motivation. The content harmful government but it is truth can be intercepted. It is good for government to shield and cover truth.
The research engine cannot provide information to Chinese citizens without government censored. Google is an organization which believes the Internet information freedom, it provide some information which can be harmful to Chinese government. The government use law And it is ruining Google’s reputation. (Suburban, 2013) Google cannot provide some websites which are not allowed to access in China, such s Faceable and Youth. Chinese governments and authorities stop these websites from citizens. It does puzzle citizens to use Internet.
On another hand, the pirate and tort information is full of Internet in China, the monitoring system like blind and no operation to this crime. Google pay attention on copyrights, but its competitor is not at all. In China, Baud which is the biggest competitor have been offering pirate and tort information under the monitoring system. The authorities are conniving national corporation Baud and cause problem with Google that reduce its competitiveness. And net citizens are prefer Baud in China. According to high level report Anyone, 2011,p. 12) The censored system is so restrict that many useful information had been deleted.
Google provides some acknowledge and ideology which also are prohibited, such as some chemistry principle, explode principle, and firearms acknowledge. The Chinese officials believe it can ensure society stabilization. “There are no explode, because no one can make it” It does puzzle learners have right purpose. Not only it violates human rights, but also does it perplexes Google operation. Google as requested to upgrade system to manage information and corporate the Great Firewall. Liking other Internet Corporation in China, Google had to invest huge sums on develop its monitoring systems.
It wastes money and time, it reduces the corporation competitiveness. Furthermore, when the Great Firewall updating, these corporation business including Google can be affect. The condition of Internet become Jam and slow. (ROB, 2012) 5. 0 The importance of CAR in maintaining corporation international The CAR means the relationship between global corporations, government of countries, and individual people. The relationship between local society and corporation also is important. And the relationship between corporations with its stakeholders also cannot be forgotten.
The stakeholders mean those effect corporation police and practices. Sustainability, the resource on the earth is limited, and corporations are the part of society. Hence, it is concerned that corporation how to use resource. As an international corporation, it behavior would be concerned, and public concerned its use of resource. It more likes morality restraint. And corporations pay attention on resource utilized which is responsible to society. Furthermore, sustainability not only about means resource, but also carrying capacity of the ecosystem. Global corporations should concerned developing with care protection of ecosystem.
They are powerful and taking more responsibility. The society is sustainability development and they can sustainability development. According to David (2008, app) concerned CAR is apparently important. The good action can build good brand awareness, such as charity. The media will help to advertise these beneficial actions, which is more worth that advertisement and promotion. (Craig, 2003, p. 21) For example, in China, Struck donates 1. 5 million US Dollar for training west rural teachers in poor areas, furthermore, this program also support poor students to finish their college study.
Moreover, Struck are working on Education in China and Struck are the partner with women’s Development Federation and Water and Sanitation Education Project. So, it is the reason of Struck is welcome in China. (Struck, 2006) 5. 1 The advice to Google Google have the privacy issues. As a global corporation, this problem had been across many countries. Marc believes that Google violate the global privacy tankards, and those issues are becoming as amusing as serious. Hence, the advice is respected the people’s privacy right.
It is important to build brand image to public, if Google hurt customer’s privacy, which one are likely to use Google. And the different areas have different regulations of privacy, as a globe corporation, it is important to follow those different rules. Internal Google, they can set up a program to check any content that violent privacy. It is too late if external point out this behavior, which can quickly spread to world by media and bring harmful effect. According to high level report Anyone, 2006, p. ) The second advice is keeping away from China. It has a big share of search, in China.
Chinese government insisted to censoring search content. Google had been agreeing with this censoring, but it against by rest of world. They believe the monitoring had violated the human right. And the Chinese government still believed Google against the law under the cooperation. The censoring was betrayed Google’s principle that respects Internet freedom and reality. Keeping cooperation would arouse the more oppose, including, Human right organization, reporter without burden and so on. In 006, some of demonstrator had the activity called “Mass Breakup with Google”.
This activity protests the Google’s cooperation with Chinese government. And demonstrators believe that Google break own principle of “Don’t be evil”. Away from China, and refuse cooperation can build good brand image to rest of world, and the operation still work in Hong Kong. According high level report (Bassoon, 2007, p 10-15) 6. 0 The suggestion to lessen the political vulnerability between the government of USA and China There are many, complex, and rottenness conflicts between two countries. The deepest conflict is in ideology. China is governed by the communist party which believes the socialism with Chinese characteristics.
Obviously, United States of America is the leader of capitalist countries. Both of two have so much difference in belief. Hence, it related and cause the specific conflicts. The biggest answers were requested censored by Chinese government. The international social believe it betray the principle of freedom of Internet, in further, it violates human rights. Although, Google effort to cooperate with Chinese government, the latter still believe Google default and provide porn information. In the Google sides, they assert hey suffer from Chinese hacker Internet attack.
USA government requires Chinese government to protect the rights of Google. Yahoo can work in China, because it respects the Chinese regulation. Yahoo has totally legal operation in China. Yahoo is taking responsibility of CAR. Both of China and USA better keep calm. In front of the conflicts, both of two governments better keep restrain action and speech. Between two large countries, they have to think about the long-term benefit and cooperation. Impulsion and extreme action will hurt long-term cooperation relations. As Google’s issue, it is a commercial issue. The suggestion is keeping it to commerce problem.
The public social can query Chinese government’s strategy of treat Internet information. But, it is not smart for USA, as a government to interfere China internal affairs. It is not smart way to upgrade this issue to political problem that is making problem more complex. The deep communication and understand the culture and custom. Through the communication, both of sides can solve this issue in negotiations and dialogue. USA government can understand Chinese conditions and troubles. There are reasons for censored Internet information. USA government can figure out these reasons before action.
Meanwhile, it is important to protect Google’s right. Chinese government should investigate Internet attacks. Such as Yahoo, it also has business in China, and it can have a good relation with Chinese government. Yahoo respects Chinese regulation, and the government has no issue with Yahoo. The communication is important to understand the policy of government. 7. 0 Conclusion For many reasons, Google had quite China in 2011. Corporation put website into Hong Kong, which is last part business in China. The biggest reason is Google misunderstanding of China situation.
Without consider inter personal relationships, the wrong evaluation was hurt Google in China. The shortage of understanding language make search engine work inefficiency. The market share was declined in big degree. The conflicts with Chinese government were upgrading. The cooperation with Chinese government was suffering against with rest of world. In awkward situation, quite might be the best choose, it still can be helpful to build brand awareness to rest of world. As the conflicts had been caused the diplomatic tensions, the suggestion was that both of governments solved this issue, which better noninsured the long-term interest.

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