1Q.  Write 3 paragraphs explaining 3 ways that records information management differs from information governance. (RIM vs IG)
Include 3 scholarly resources to support your position. All sources must be used to support your position. – 1 page

2Q.  You are the cybersecurity expert for a firm and recently heard on the news that your local city is being attacked just like what happened to Baltimore MD. Hackers are planning an attack during Hurricane season to execute a Kali Linux Metasploit when the power comes back to take advantage of the small window when computers are rebooting – which is a vulnerability due to – that protection measures are not fully functioning.
Your company has a Windows-based server, which Windows is prone to attacks. You assume that your company will be next in a Ransomware attack as other companies in your immediate area are becoming victims.

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What steps will you take to ensure that you do not become a victim of ransomware?

This assignment is based on your ability to solve a problem that may be a continuous issue with creativity and solution quality.  – 2 page

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