700 word essay for sociology

   review of the history of interaction between Native Americans and the colonists who established themselves in the Americas, documents centuries of hostile actions that led to the virtual elimination of native peoples.   Colonization of the Americas resulted in the loss of their traditional lands, and was followed by political and economic domination and by numerous efforts to exploit their labor.  During certain periods they were forced to accept “civilization” and enter the American mainstream life.  An examination of their history demonstrates that Native peoples may have experienced the entire spectrum of intergroup relations.   This essay  will require you to discuss their history of intergroup relations, by responding to the questions posed the section titled Prepare and Submit.  

dentify the Minority Group Responses Native Americans engaged in, providing examples.
Which consequences of Minority-Group status apply to the Native American experience? 
Identify the Dominant-Group Responses that apply to the Native American experience.
Discuss Minority-Minority relations between Native American tribes.
Identify and discuss the “Theories of Minority Integration” which are discussed in Chapter 4, that apply to the Native American experience

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700 word essay for sociology
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