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Part I:Definitions (10 points each; 50 points total)
In your own words,please a) provide a definition of each term below and b) give an example from history or popular culture of how this term relates to feminism (approximately 75-100 words each).

Gender binary
Rape culture

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Part II: Debating feminist theory (75 points)
You have the opportunity to invite several prominent feminist thinkers to participate in a debate about the goals of the feminist movement. Thinking about how different individuals and groups have defined feminism and who is/is not represented in their vision, choose THREEof the people listed below and write a transcript of their conversation.  (750-800 words total).
Margaret Sanger
Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Sylvia Federici
Rita Mae Brown (Radicalesbians)
Audre Lorde
Lila Abu-Lughod
Rosemarie Garland-Thomson
Lindy West
Kimberle Crenshaw
Part III: Feminist Politics (25 points)
In this course we have examined various feminist groups and organizations with different political perspectives, goals, and strategies. Now is your chance to invent your own feminist organization, with a name and mission. Be creative!
Option A:   Write your own feminist manifesto explaining your organization’s philosophy, viewpoints, and goals (200-250-words).
Option B:   Create a poster advertising your organization, which should include the name and mission statement (min. 100 words) as well as any other pertinent information/visuals. You may submit in an alternate format such as .jpg, or .pdf.
Part 4: Drawing on course materials, analyze the intersection of race and gender in one of the following video 
clips from 
(100-150 words).


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