Why can testifying as an expert on digital evidence and digital forensics (particularly as a highly technical individual yourself) be so challenging? How would you overcome some of those challenges?  Discussthoroughly. 


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 Imagine you are testifying in court regarding a recent digital forensic examination you conducted.  Your direct examination goes very well, and you are just starting to relax when the defense attorney rises and begins to speak.  However, to your surprise, he doesn’t want to talk about your report findings (at least not yet).  He starts out by asking about your political leanings and affiliations.  The prosecutor tries to object to this line of questioning, but is overruled.  The defense attorney continues, claiming you run an online blog where you regularly post your political opinions, most strongly supporting the current government.  You don’t like where this is going… He concludes by asking the following question: “It is clear from your blog posts that you are a staunch supporter of the government.  Isn’t it true that you were just a police hack in this case, and you reported only what would help the government’s case against my client, who is being wrongly accused because of his political views?”  How would you answer this question? 

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