4 responses to classate in 2 hours

Classmate #1
After reading about the Boolean terms and doing this exercise , I came up with 3 jobs, two of them being the exact same job. I used the term “and” , and it really narrowed my search down where it wasn’t coming up with a bunch of other jobs not related. The only problem I had was I could not find any jobs in the area of Terre Haute, it had the 3 jobs listed in the Indianapolis area. 
With this search I found:
-Talent Acquisition Specialist (this is the one with the 2 jobs)
– Talent Acquisition Consultant 
Classmate #2
I have used Boolean terms since high school. Using the word “and” really narrows the search down for you and using the word “or” gives you a more spread out search. I searched in Bedford where i live and didn’t find any jobs, but then I searched Louisville and found list of jobs.
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Classmate #3 
My chosen career path is Human Resource Management.  I was looking on Bureau of Labor Statistics and it stated a “9% increase (as fast as average).” The employment change from 2016-2026 is 12,300. In 2017 the median pay salary was $110,120 a year.
With human resource management I feel like you can go many places. You don’t have to stick with just the management part. Every company needs HR.
To become a Human resource manager usually company’s want to see a bachelors degree or higher. Company’s have problems with getting HRM in because they find people with no experience at all. A lot of the time it is hard to get a job without experience, but you have to start somewhere.
I don’t see this career path being cut short ever, HR is very important in any company.
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Links to an external site.
Classmate #4
My future career outlook that I chose is a human resource manager. For human resource managers, the job outlook in the next few years looks bright with a 9% increase. Human resource managers had 136,100 jobs in 2016, and it had an employment change of 12,300 in 2016. In order to become a human resource manager, you would need 5 years or more of schooling and your bachelor’s degree. In 2017, Human resource managers made a median pay of $110,120. That means they get paid $52.94 per hour.   

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4 responses to classate in 2 hours
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