300 word discussion

 For this discussion thread, I will not point you to a specific article.  Instead, please go to the following website:  https://www.nationalgangcenter.gov/Gang-Related-News.  Where it states “Articles from,”  please select Virginia and click “Apply Filter.”  Please scroll through the pages of articles about gangs in Virginia.  Please pay attention to the details in the headline, the date the article was published, the gang or gangs involved, and the location where the article was published.  Please read at least three articles that interests you.
  Please identify the three articles that you chose to read.  Please address the following questions:  
1) What stood out to you about the overall list of articles that you scanned through – what surprised you and what was expected? 
 When reading the articles that you selected, was there anything that you learned about gangs that you were not aware of before? 
 How do you believe that the gang or gang member(s) were portrayed in the article?   

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300 word discussion
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