2 pages paper #

Boyle: Introduction  and Ch 1-Ch 5 (“Delores Mission and Homeboy Industries”, “God, I Guess”, “Dis-Grace”, “Compassion”, “Water, Oil, Flame”, and “Slow Work”)

Video: https://youtu.be/3i8eIzSeC8w

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2 pages paper #
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After considering this week’s reading and activities, please take no more than 2 pages and address the following topic in a response paper.
One of the Magis outcomes that all undergraduate colleges are interested in is how well you can “Describe personal involvement in work related to service and social justice,” So for this paper, in the context of responding to a call of being in service to others, please write on your own personal work to this point related to service and social justice—how are you in service for and with others in your daily activities? How can/do you show compassion to those in your community (i.e. family, co-workers, neighbors, strangers). It can be “formal” and organized, or it can be more informal…but please describe in detail.
Although this written assignment is an informal response paper it is still important to remember to keep your paper and thoughts organized.  Try starting with an introduction and main point (thesis statement), followed by the body of the paper which should include support paragraphs and wrap of the paper with a conclusion.  

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