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Martin Chapter 12: What Should I Do? The Ignatian Way of Making Decisions
“Mini” Book by O’Sullivan: Trust Your Feelings but Use Your Head: Discernment and the Psychology of Decision Making·  (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
Article: Gosslin, A., (2012). Cultivating Discernment. Jesuit Higher Education: A Journal, 1(1).
Required Video (Please note: there is strong language in this video):

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Goodwill Hunting (“What do you really want to do?”)  (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

After considering this week’s reading and activities, please take no more than 2 pages and address the following topic in a response paper. Use Martin’s example of “The 3 Times,” to reflect about when you have experienced each of the “3 times” in your own life. Please use three different sections within your paper to share about each of the “3 times”…and then in a fourth section, compare and contrast the descriptions of discernment and decision making as per Martin in Chapter 12 and O’Sullivan (Trust Your Feelings but Use Your Head: Discernment and the Psychology of Decision Making).
Although this written assignment is an informal response paper it is still important to remember to keep your paper and thoughts organized.  Try starting with an introduction and main point (thesis statement), followed by the body of the paper which should include support paragraphs and wrap of the paper with a conclusion. 

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