100 Years

100 years from now, many dimensions of human life will change dramatically. Science, medicine, and government will certainly change, and confidently for the better. The Homo sapiens species will advance and how things are now will be ancient history only to be taught through text in school, with many details of previous life long forgotten. The United Nations will develop a way to eradicate war and dispute through a full proof “Universal Problem Resolution Plan”.
Therefore the world will finally be at peace, work as one, and the once poverty-stricken will flourish and starvation will lie in the individuals will to eat, not the “cards they’re dealt”. With war and fighting in the past the world will place all the dollars once used in military and armed forces into healthcare research and education. Doctors will have fashioned and perfected organ growth and the diseases we now fear such as A. I. D. S and Cancer will be thought of as a common cold due to easily accessible vaccines and remedies.
Life will be different, but my outlook and attitude towards life will remain the same. I would wake up every morning happy that God gave me another day with my family and friends. I would wake up ready to make a difference and play my part in this world. I would not be raised from sleep by an alarm clock, but rather a microchip implanted behind my ear that told my brains receptors it was time to get up. The chip would also have my itinerary for the day and any important events I had planned.

Prior to going to bed I would fill out what I wanted the chip to remind me on my phone and simply hold the phone beside my head so the chip could scan the information, store it, and later activate at the given time. Phones would still be referred to as phones but the technology that followed them would be phenomenal. To answer a call, you simply say “answer” or whatever you have programmed as your command to connect. The phone would then bring up a holographic display of the caller so interaction as well as speaking would take place.
By the time I was awake and teeth had been cleaned to spec, I would go to my virtual wardrobe selector (VWS) and decide what to wear. The touch screen display allows me to choose what I would like to wear and delivers it to me with a solar powered track system. At this point 95% of the worlds power supply is solar and wind derived. Upon leaving the house, I would scan my thumb and the house would be locked and secure until I returned with virtually no way for trespassing or criminal mischief.
Once I got in my car and turned on the ignition, powered by voice activation, along with everything else, I could drive to work myself (manually) or have the car drive itself there. The vehicle would be able to do this using satellite navigation, traffic and pedestrian observation sensors, and lightweight magnets in the body and the road. Traffic accidents and deaths would reduce by 200% after this technology was perfected. Although everyday life would be much easier, work would be intense as ever and the demand for good jobs would be outrageous.
As a well renowned and highly sought after attorney I would have no problem with work, but still worked hard to keep my clients and those within my firm satisfied and content. Life would definitely be different, but still crazy. To keep from losing my sanity in the “once crazy, and still crazy” world I would surround myself with the ones who love me and love them just as much. I would continue to have faith in the Lord throughout my life and place nothing above him and his word. Technology would be great and the safety that came with it would allow most humans to live past 100 years old. In fact, I am 118.

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100 Years
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