1 page discussion, due within 6 hours.

Read or use the Lecture and Pdf, Resources/Readings to answer the discussion within 6 hours.


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1 page discussion, due within 6 hours.
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What do you think could replace the brewery that would complement both contemporary labour and environmental concerns? Come up with a land-use plan that would work well within the themes of this course. You can simply explain with words or do up a map and legend with a short description.

Lecture and Pdf:
You are to come up with a land-use plan that takes into account labour and environmental issues for the old Molson site on Burrard Street.
Lecture file: Green City Action Plan. 
PDF of a memo: Molson brewery site that offers details about the site. It is 7.4 acres so there is quite a bit of land to work with. The memo also has a decent map of the boundaries of the site.

I have provided the links in the online syllabus and in the file but I am posting them here as well just in case. You can use any and all of these resources but you should read the Greenest City Action Plan to really understand all the ways you could approach this project. You can use parts of the existing plan to implement as part of your land-use strategy for the Molson site.

Greenest City Action Plan
https://vancouver.ca/green-vancouver/greenest-city-action-plan.aspx (Links to an external site.)
Transportation 2040
https://vancouver.ca/streets-transportation/transportation-2040.aspx (Links to an external site.)
Healthy City Strategy

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