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Select the appropriate lens for a video surveillance system design.
The choice of camera lens is very important in the security design in order to ensure appropriate image quality being captured. The lens parameters, like focal length, field of view, aperture, are dependent on the scene environment.
1. Consider that you are designing the video surveillance system for the parking lot of an apartment building in a downtown.
2. Follow the steps below and use the tables in the text book to determine the lens parameters you would need.
a. Choose the sensor format (1/4-, 1/3-, ½-ich)
b. Assume the distance from the camera to the scene (parking lot to monitor)
c. Assume the size of the scene
d. Find the focal length of the lens
e. Determine the angular
f. Determine the size of the sensor
g. Determine the lens-sensor magnification, monitor magnification (assume a 19-inch monitor) and overall magnification.

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Written 3(21)
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