Worldview project

Worldview Project DescriptionPart 1 – In the first part of this project (3-4 pages) – each student will address the following questions:1. What is meant by “World View”? Briefly define this concept.2. What does my “world view” consist of? What do I believe in relation to each of the FIVE “world view” components discussed in class? Use the five major parts of a worldview from Ronald H. Nash as headings for information about your major “World View” beliefs.3. What is the source of my “world view”, or views? How did I acquire it/them?4. To what extent have I subjected my own “world view” to critical examination? Can you identify any potential logical inconsistencies among these beliefs? Is your commitment to any elements in this list shaky?Part 2 – In the second part of this project (3-4 pages), students will utilize Peter Kreeft’s (1997) text, The Journey: A Spiritual Roadmap for Modern Pilgrims. What does Mr. Kreeft/Socrates have to say about the different worldviews as mentioned in his text. Please interact with Mr. Kreeft/Socrates in your writing of part 2.Part 3 – In the third part of this project (1-2 pages), students will compare and contrast their “world view” with other “world views (minimum of 3)”. What are the differences and similarities? Is one “world view” better than another? Is their such a thing as a PERFECT “world view”? Please explain.Additional Assignment RequirementsUnless other wise noted, this assignments is to be:1) Typed, double spaced, and prepared with 1 – inch margins.2) A cover sheet with pertinent information is required. Pertinent info should include the following: a proper heading to the writing project – giving the course title and number, your name, and a descriptive title for the assignment.3) With reference to what “Font” to use – please utilize one of the following: Arial, Tahoma, or Verdana – Font Size: 12pt.4) Besides the “text book”, if any other sources are utilized in any of the assignments – please document those sources and conclude the assignment with a bibliography/works cited page.

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Worldview project
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