Wk 2, MHA 505: DR 1

APA format
Cite 1 peer-reviewed reference
150-265 word count
Read and respond to the following discussion posts. Be constructive and professional with your thoughts, feedback suggestions or question(s).
Respond to the following:
Sarah Papizzo
6:54 PM 
Systems thinking is being able to look at a systems different parts and how they interrelate to each other, how those systems will work overtime, and how those systems will work inside other larger systems (Meadows, 2008).
Systems thinking can be applied to affect positive outcomes when seeing and connecting feedback loops. Specifically speaking to the reinforcing feedback loop that changes in direction to whichever way you push it (Meadows, 2008). If we reinforce our goals, the more we will get out of those goals, and the more we will want to put into those goals. This in turn for ourselves will create positive outcomes. If a goal that we have is to get into fitness, so we try yoga, we find that yoga relaxes us, we then continue to do more yoga, and become more relaxed. This reinforces the positive outcome of getting into fitness and staying consistent with it. This however can go the other way in that we try yoga, find that it does nothing for us, we do less yoga, and eventually quit all together producing a negative outcome. We will hopefully try a different activity in fitness to produce a new positive outcome.

Meadows, D.H. (2008). Thinking in Systems: A Primer. White River Junction, VT: Chelsea Green Publishing Company.

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Wk 2, MHA 505: DR 1
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