Why is my mom my hero essay

When I think of a hero I envision someone hardworking, honest and determined. I also think of someone I look up to and want to be like one day. This leaves only one person — my mom, Lucy Brady. She has all the qualities I hope to embody one day.
I have never met someone who is as selfless and humble as my mom . She has always puts me first in her life and does everything she can to be the best mother and give me the best life. Putting up with me is not easy. My mom and I don’t have the perfect relationship. We have not always seen eye to eye. In fact, we are so similar that we often fight or disagree on things. My family always tell us that we share a brain. Even though we may fight she is my best friend and I can always tell her anything and count on her to give me good advice.
One of the many great traits my mom has is that she is strong. When I was two years old my dad got really sick and had to quit his job. My mom had to work, provide for my two siblings and me who were all under the age of four and help take care of my dad. It was a really scary time for all of us, but she never let the stress show and made sure to put all of us first.

My mom is the most intelligent person I know. She attended Penn and got her degree in business, finishing summa cum laude. She later went to Stanford Business school where she finished in the top 10% of her class. Watching my mom work her way up In her career has taught me the value of hard work, believing in yourself and the importance of setting high goals.
Although my mom works very long hours she still makes time to be at all my sporting events. She is my biggest fan! You can always hear her screaming in her what my family and I like to call her “man voice”. She also goes out of her way to spend time with me even after a long day or week at work. She is always willing to drive me around, help me with homework, watch tv or play a board game.
My mom is a great wife, mother and friend. She makes me feel like the most important person in the world, and would do anything for me in heartbeat. Words cannot express the love I have for her, and how blessed I am to have such an amazing mom. She has alway taught me to love myself, and to be proud of who I am.
My mom has always said that you should do whatever makes you happy and be the best person you can be.She has been by my side for 15 years now and I know she will always be there. Nothing will ever compare to how much she has impacted my life. I would not be the person I am today without her. And for all these reasons I call my mom, Lucy Brady, my Hero.

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Why is my mom my hero essay
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