Why do people migrate

Sample Brainstorm and Outline Topic: Why do people tell lies? (a focus-on-causes essay) Brainstorm: Ashamed of the truth Make them look better Don’t want to tell someone the truth if it’s uncomfortable Politicians: want to get votes Children: don’t want to get In trouble Afraid of the consequences of the truth Don’t remember the truth So common for them that it’s habit Don’t realize they’re lying Example: Bill Clinton didn’t want the truth of his affair to come out Example: child with chocolate on face, doesn’t want to get In trouble for eating candy Example: witness In a trial can’t remember what happened b/c he was drunk at the time
Example: wife asks: do you think I’m fat? Husband says: of course not because he wants her to be happy Example: someone is dying but family doesn’t want to tell the children because they’ll be scared Outline: l. Introduction a. Lying Is common In all parts of human life b. Parents Ill to children, children lie to parents c. Everyone believes politicians lie d. People lie for good and bad reasons II. Afraid of the consequences if the truth is known a. Bill Clinton lied about an affair he had while he was President of the U. S. I. He didn’t want to lose his Job n. He TLD want the affair to be talked about more than politics b.
A child Is caught eating candy before dinner I. Doesn’t want to get in trouble Also might think the parents don’t really know the truth; maybe he will get away with stealing candy Ill. Don’t want to make the other person uncomfortable a. A wife asks her husband if he thinks she’s fat. He lies and says no. L. He loves his wife and wants her to feel good about herself. II. He wants to convince himself that It’s true also. B. A person cooks a terrible-tasting dinner and asks friends if they liked the food. I. They want to be encouraging to their friend. It. It would be rude to tell the truth. ‘V. Can’t remember the truth .

A witness In a trial was drunk when the event happened and doesn’t remember. I. Not trying to lie-?he Just doesn’t remember the truth did you come to work last week? I. Employee forgets that he came later than the normal time it. Employee believes the he is telling the truth V. Conclusion a. People lie for lots of reasons. B. Some people lie to preserve a relationship c. Some people lie because they don’t want to get in trouble d. Other people lie without knowing it-?they think they’re telling the truth e. Lies are not good because they are not true. But sometimes we tell them with good motivation anyway. ‘says.

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Why do people migrate
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