Who S The Real Terrorist

In the video they make strong arguments on what errors is and who are the terrorist. The video does indeed reach its audience and provides a clear message. Ethos The Classroom debate scene doesn’t introduce anybody however it does show credibility threw out the video and uses well known actors. The scene in itself shows a lot of credibility ultimately because it is set up as a classroom discussion, setting. The instructor also shows he knows what he is talking about simply because he is throwing out data with numbers. Ultimately numbers make’s anything more credible and sometimes even more believable.
The student who is shown on the video who is defending the Muslims is a Hindu actor named, Ivies Oberon. While the professor is a well- known star named USAF All Kahn. The rest of the classes are random pro American actors that no one really knows. The audience will automatically agree with the famous and well-known actors. Whereas with the random students who the audience isn’t familiar with them will most likely disagree with them. For instance companies use this strategy. They use role models and well known celebrities. For example Lebanon James a well-known basketball player is sponsored by Nikkei, McDonald’s, and Coca-Cola.
The Meany’s intention is target there audience and get there point across. Considering there point being that if, Lebanon James eats or wears this so should you. That’s how they attempted to manipulate there targeted audience and get their message across just like in the Exurban debate scene. This automatically gives the actors more credibility in the sense that they actually know what they’re talking about unlike the underground actors, consequently takes away their credibility. As a result the actors being used can make their argument stronger and credible.

Logos The video scene begins when the teacher states that “Islam is a religion that reaches peace and tolerates” (Exurban-Classroom Debate Scene, . 32 seconds). As soon as the instructor finishes one of the students exclaims “if Islam truly is a religion that preaches peace how come they have the world’s most trouble spots like the west bank, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran there all plagued with Islamic terrorism. ” (Exurban-Crisscross Debate Scene, . 37 seconds). The student uses a faulty deduction in here statement, she uses composition.
She is assuming that all terrorist are Muslims by generalizing that the world most trouble spots are all thanks to Islamic terrorism. Threw UT the movie scene there is quite a lot of logical appeal. The video shows its logical appeal in various ways. They persuade the audience by exposing the United States and claiming that the US is only in the Middle East for the oil and that the Taliban was a creation of the CIA in other words it can be characterized as a lie since there really is no proof or it can also be an appeal to anonymous authority.
Despite that, the video gives numbers and compare how more people die in Afghanistan bombing than in 9-1 1 . The student compares how much people have died in Afghanistan bombing being which as more than 15,000 while 9-1 1 had around 3000. The logical appeal is clearly valid and effective to the audience since they support their statements and provide information. To sum it up at the end of the video the student even ends with logical appeal by stating that just because there elites and wear a fancy suit doesn’t make them any different than other terrorist.
This must have been one of the strongest logical appeal that one of the students states. It makes the audience kind of remove that blind fold that the government has had them have on. It changes the perspective and in a way makes the targeted audience open there eyes. Pathos The emotional appeal is clear throughout the video. You can see the anger in the student who argues how American’s are the real terrorist oppose to the other students who are against the Islam religion, they show an expression of being worn out of the argument.
The student showing his anger convinces the audience in the way of how tired he is of Americans showing there hypocrisy on how the terrorist are Islam religion. While the student who are expressing themselves as worn out help out the argument even more by showing how he has exposed them, which truly will impact the audiences . The video ends with the pro Muslim student showing his anger. His expression makes it look like all Muslims are fed up with Americans stepping in their soil and taking advantage and just bombing there country.
The student makes the argument more emotional and appealing as well as the depressing background music. Conclusion In conclusion the movie scene covered the three different rhetorical strategies by either supporting its argument or not making it weaker. The artifact does indeed reach its purpose in persuading and convincing its audience since its argument is based on facts. The video mainly mention on owe the US was bad and are terrorist and gave little information on how Muslims are also terrorist.

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