Which season is your favorite

Which season is your favorite? Why? Would have to say that summer is my favorite season of all. First off, it means that school is out and can do whatever I want. Next, it means that there are more daylight hours to enjoy. And thirdly, summer is a time to enjoy being outside in the warm sunshine. Summer is my favorite season of all because of these reasons. First of all, summer is when school is out and can spend all my time playing both outside and in. My parents encourage me to get out in the sunlight as much as possible and this is fine since my friends ND through the woods outside our neighborhood.
Of course, it rains quite frequently in the summer as well, so we usually try to hang out in one another’s houses. We always have a great time together in the summer, because we have all the time we need to have fun. Another thing that makes summer my favorite season Of all is that there’s more daylight hours to enjoy. The sun stays out longer, usually sometime after eight in the evening. This means that there’s a lot more lay and get a suntan, so long as I don’t do it for too long, don’t want to get burned.
The sun is the reason why we go out and it just means we can be out longer during the summer. The last reason is that it’s the warmest time of year for us and we don’t get very much warm weather where we come from. For most of the year, its usually cool and wet or cold and icy. We only have three months of reprieve from the chill and wet and that is summer. When my neighbors and want to celebrate the summer, we go out, have barbecues, or just sit and talk outside. This is a good thing to do at night, when the heat of the day lingers in the night air.

So the warmth of he summer air is a rare treat for us and we relish It when it comes around each year. So summer is my favorite season of all because it’s the time of year that really puts together everything I like to do and experience. There’s no school in the summer so we can really have all the fun we want during the day. There’s more daylight during the day so there’s more day to enjoy. And the warmth of summer is something we only have a limited time to enjoy throughout the rest of the wetter, colder parts of the year for us. That’s why summer is my favorite season.

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Which season is your favorite
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