What I am Passionate About

Usain Bolt has won six Olympic gold medals. What do they all have in common? It is not that they won numerous gold medals. It Is they are all passionate about what they do, Since I started preschool at age four, my time outside of school have been piled up with never ending activities, first there was ballet, then came ice skating, art class, then swimming, chess, then
Plano, speed reading, and flute. Whenever I quit doing one thing, I picked up something new. As the years go by, most of these activities are only memories, but one thing has rooted inside of me. After a day of academic learning and demanding homework, I will quickly retreat into my safe haven, drawing. I love drawing. I think I am better at it than spelling. Maybe that is the reason I am better at math and science than reading and writing in school. To me, math and science is another way of drawing using dfferent media.
I believe when writers want to write, their minds will be filled with words and sentences, but when I want to express myself, my mind will be filled with images and graphics. School, homework, and keeping up good grades can be pretty stressful, When I draw, I feel I am In a world where there are endless sunshine, a warm breeze, soft rolling green hills, fragrant flowers, morning dew on the bright green grass, chirping birds… sometimes there are lines, geometric shapes, and dots which all Intertwine In the endless void.

As long as I can Imagine, I can draw, I feel happy. People often think artists are only appreciated when they are dead. I believe that is a narrow way to appreciate art. Art is the major part of our life. Everything we live by pretty much started out with an Idea throwing on a piece of paper in the form of sketch or drawing. How would Thomas Edison plan out his idea for the light bulb? Drawing has become a major part of me; it has become my anchor and my passion and I am pretty darn good at It.

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What I am Passionate About
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