Week 3 Assignment 2

Data Description Methods
Japolli Bakery makes a variety of bread types that it sells to  supermarket chains in the area. One of the problems is that the number  of loaves of each type of bread sold each day by the chain stores varies  considerably, making it difficult to know how many loaves to bake. A  sample of daily demand data is contained in the file, Japolli Bakery.

Develop a frequency distribution for each bread type using& appropriate intervals.
Select which bread type has the greatest and lowest relative variability. 
Assuming that these sample data are representative of demand  during the year, determine how many loaves of each type of bread should  be made such that demand would be met on at least 75% of the days during  the year.
Submit your work in a Word document and attach your Excel file.

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Week 3 Assignment 2
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