Warid Telecom (Research Report) Table of Content * Acknowledgment * Dedication * Introduction to telecommunication * Introduction to Research * Research Problem * Problem Statement * Literature Review * Hypothesis * Sample Selection * Research Methodology * Data Collection * Independent Variable * Dependent Variable * Hypothesis testing * Result of Research * Selection of Alternative Htpothesis * Measurement of downsizing * Effect of Downsizing * Analysis through Pie chart * Conclusion * Reference ACKNOWLEDGMENT
All acclamation to Allah who has empowered and enabled us to accomplish the task successfully First of all we would like to thank our Allah Almighty who really helps us in every problem during the project. We would like to express our sincere and humble gratitude to Almighty who’s Blessings, help and guidance has been a real source of all our achievements in our life. We would like to admit that we completed this project due to parents who pray for our success. We also wish to express our appreciation to our supervisor SIR.
ABDUL HAQ & MISS NAYLA who helps us and introduce us to new dimensions of knowledge in Research. Last but not the least our team efforts, support, cooperation and encouragement showed by each member in the group with each other. DEDICATION Our PROJECT is dedicated to our beloved Parents, teachers, brothers, sisters and all of our-selves. Introduction to Research Establish a research territory: >Show the importance / relevance / interest of the research area=> Advertising is targeted messages that communicate information from a company to individual and groups of consumers.

This medium allows companies to draw consumers to the company’s goods and services. In can also influence consumer buying behavior, which helps companies increase sales revenue Introduce and review previous research in the area Establish a niche: ;The purpose of this research is to basically know the impact of advertisement on the consumers so Occupy the niche: ;state the nature and purpose of your research ;indicate the shape of your paper / forecast the findings This paper examines the.
The focuses on the events surrounding the downsizing ofWarid Telecom in 2009 and 2010 and its effect on the employees of Ward, Research problem Background: Advertising is a form of communication intended to persuade an audience (viewers, readers or listeners) to purchase or take some action upon products, ideas, or services. It includes the name of a product or service and how that product or service could benefit the consumer, to persuade a target market to purchase or to consume that particular brand.
These messages are usually paid for by sponsors and viewed via various media. Advertising can also serve to communicate an idea to a large number of people in an attempt to convince them to take a certain action. The question arises that is the huge amount of money that a brand spend on its advertisement is always beneficial for it or not? Problem Statement Does the advertisement influence the buying behavior of costumers or not? What is Warid’s Brand perception and what critical factors are influencing the operator switching decisions of consumers?
Literature Review Research papers on decrease in Workforce are: Synopsis of the ‘Literature review on workforce innovation, workforce productivity, planning and modeling’ Background Increasing workforce productivity and efficiency is particularly important in the context of changing demographics, technological advances and rising costs. New and amended roles, new ways of working, clinical pathway redesign, multi-professional team working, collaborative working and advances in technology can help to all help to achieve this.
In December 2008, the Workforce Transformation Project (9) Workforce Modelling Group (WMG) commissioned a Literature Review to establish the evidence and impact of workforce innovations and different workforce models on efficiency, effectiveness and quality of care, as well as understanding the possible implications for workforce planning. The literature review was undertaken by Warwick University in collaboration with the NHS Workforce Review Team and was finalized in May 2009. Key aims of the Review
The aim was to review the published and grey literature and provide both general and specific evidence on: Innovations in workforce development in the health sector, particularly those aimed at improving workforce productivity and/ or the effectiveness, efficiency and quality of patient care. To include new and innovative roles, new ways of working and deploying health care staff, alternative service models, education and training interventions, direct and indirect remuneration and reward strategies, and how the use of new technology in the workplace is incorporated into workforce development
Examples of best practice and proven methods with workforce models, evidence of effectiveness and with proven successful outcomes, quality measures, costs and benefits analysis and issues which arise for change management and implementation. To include examples from sectors other than health but which could be replicated within and health care context. Evidence of improved workforce productivity and workforce development associated with the successful transfer of services from acute, hospital based services to community based provision.
Understand how innovation in workforce planning has been/can be incorporated into workforce planning and development and used within workforce modelling tools. (Reference 3) The main de-motivating factors in work are as follows: 1. Inadequate salary: the workers estimate the value of their work by the salary they receive. A poor salary has a negative effect on their work. A salary is satisfactory when the worker gets what he expects, what others doing the same sort of work are getting, and what is generally regarded as being fair. . Bad working conditions: if the working conditions are not satisfactory, the workers are discouraged and lose their enthusiasm in work. 3. Inefficient administration: workers like to work for an efficient and fair administration. An efficient administration discourages the workers during their routine duties, in one way or another. 4. Incompetent supervision: the workers expect their supervision to be technically competent. If they fail to help at difficult times, they lose the respect of their sub ordinates. 5.
Poor interpersonal relations with management: the supervisors should treat their subordinates fairly and try to have good personal relations with them. Supervisors who have favourites or who are dishonest in reporting on the work of the staff are disliked. The work suffers greatly as a result. 6. Personal qualities of the leader: A leader has two forms of authority: (i) that of his position, (ii) that of his person. (Reference 4) 2008 brought problems for Warid as she is in serious crisis, downsizing has started, and other strategic decisions have to be taken to survive in this competitive market.
Let’s see can $250 million save Warid? The problem of Warid Telecom is the HR of the company itself related to un? necessary manpower induction, without a JD and absence of a post induction appraisal system based on merit, which are all big question marks. Marketing strategy is the amalgamation of all other telecos of Pakistan, and heavily playing on price without much of a result, as it is not being tailored according to Warid’s Vision.
Most of the Middle East Company’s favorite strategy is the price war, and the only positioning they know is cheaper rates. Warid Telecom was involved throughout the year in the activities below: •Planning to expand its coverage to approximately 250 more cities. No timeframe has been announced for the expansion, but Warid has said it aims to include remote and rural areas, focusing on the Northern Areas (NA), Azzad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) and Baluchistan, which came to me as a surprise, as such areas have already not been covered and why? The GM marketing of Warid has resigned from the company fearing questioning of lapsing 80% of the total marketing budget in just 3 months. •Total investment in Pakistan will touch $1. 5 billion by the end of this year while the company will further increase its investment in the telecom sector by $1 billion by the end of 2009. •One good thing which came concrete this year is change of company’s logo to something more 3D. •Started its commercial launch of in? flight connectivity with AeroMobile. Ericsson signs pact of $300 million to expand its GSM network, including its Core, Radio, Transmission network equipment and VAS platforms •Launched in collaboration with AMES the entertainment and digital media portal in Pakistan •Deployed a solar powered BTS site using Huawei’s Solar Powered Macro Base Station (BTS) •Launched a new Public Call Office (PCO) scheme in ZEM Pocket PCO •Launched Location Based Services. Service enabled subscribers to locate the whereabouts of their family members, friends or colleague. Reference 5) The literature often assesses the downsizing of a company in terms of “announced layoffs” (cf. De Meuse et al. , 1994; Gombola and Tsetsekos, 1992; Wertheim and Robinson, 2000). Hypothesis Null Hypothesis: Layoff create motivation and no effect on workforce of warid Alternative Hypothesis: Downsizing Create de-motivation and Decrease in workforce of Warid Telecom Sample Selection Select the behavior (warid): Warid have different offices in every location and different franchise in every area, but here we select the main office and on Gulberg office, and some more location here Warid Telecom Ltd
Office / Branch / Corporate Address: Spencers Building, Opp Railways Headquarters, Lahore Description: Marked by: Guest We select the sample on the basis of random sampling; warid office is considering random sampling for the employee of warid. Define the target behavior (employees): After selecting the behaviors, we specifically define the target behaviors in “observable and measurable” terms. Observable and measurable refers to behaviors that are easily observed, countable, have a beginning and an end, and are repeatable. Systematic random sampling
Goal: Randomly select 25 employees from a data set of 150 recorded employees. Process: 150? 25=6. Select every 6th record in the data set. To prevent selection bias given the order of the records on the data set, the records may be sorted by name prior to random selection. Data=employees; by name; data sample; set employees; Research Methodology Data Collection Choose a data collection system: Descriptions Age between 25-45 Income between 8000-25,000 Gender Both Males and Female Location Warid website, Warid employees Data were collected from the following four sources: Primary Data Collection: Observations
Whereas here data collection records the outcome of employees, observational recording systems are used to record samples employees’ layoff as they are occurring. There are several basic systems for recording observational data. When executives view labor as a cost rather than an asset, they likely will attempt to maximize the cost reduction, leading to larger layoffs. Employees Interviews Interviews involve asking someone information about a subject. They can be conducted with both children and adults. This assessment technique helps establish a relationship with the person giving the information.
Interviews are often openended, allowing the interviewer to gather additional information as needed. The research techniques that are adopted for the purpose of this study are as follows: The formal interview include people from management in telecommunication and their name are Mohammad Kamran Business Center Manager of WARID Limitation One of the major limitations while carrying out this research was the lack of cooperation on the part of the management in providing the data regarding the company and its policies. Layoff announcements were obtained from Workplace Trends
Company sources say that the lay off campaign had been started as the company was facing a major financial crunch. Smelling the catastrophe, Faisal Ejaz Khan, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), has also resigned while the new CEO is yet to be appointed by the company. When contacted, former spokesperson of Warid Telecom Farah Hussain, confirmed that the entire PR section had been abolished. She also confirmed that CEO Faisal Ejaz Khan had also resigned. No responsible officer is there at the company now to confirm anything about the company status, she added.
Reported annual employees Rate Warid has decided to wrap up its PR department, while it will outsource its PR activities through some PR agency, told us a source – familiar with the situation. Furthermore Farah Hussain, Manager PR and Rehan Zia, PR Officer resigned from their responsibilities. Another source while speaking with us confirmed that Warid was intending closure of its PR department for last couple of months. In the same connection, company will outsource all of its PR activities. However, we don’t know about what PR agency Warid will work with for its PR activities.
Source further confirmed that Farah Hussain and Rehan Zia were asked to report new GM Marketing in Lahore. However, Farah Hussain who was based in Islamabad and Rehan Zia, who used to sit at Karachi office denied to move to Lahore, and eventually resigned. We were unable to fetch official view point of Warid over the situation. We are familiar with Warid’s marketing performance in last couple of quarters, and now closure its PR department – we are not sure about company’s intentions. (Reference 6) Questionnaire:
FROM THE RESULTS OF THE PILOT SURVEY WE HAVE FRAMED THE FOLLOWING RESEARCH QUESTIONS FOR THE ANALYSIS OF “CONSUMER’S FAVOURITE TV COMMERCIAL AND PRODUCT USED”. Section 1: Demographic information 1. How old are you? Under 18 18 to 24 25 to 30 Above 30 2. What is your relationship status? Married Unmarried Section 2: Interest and life commitments 3. Do you take interest in watching TV ads? Yes  No 4. Do these ads have any impact on your buying decision? Yes  No Section 3: Favourites for ads and products 5. Which is your favourite milk brand? Haleeb * Olpers * Milk pack * Good milk * Any other then specify . 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. Which is your favorite TV ad of milk? * Haleeb * Olpers * Milk pack * Good milk * Any other then specify 5. Which is your favourite mobile brand? Nokia Samsung Matrola Sony Ericson *  Any other then specify 5. Which is your favourite TV ad of mobile? Nokia Samsung Matrola Sony Ericson Any other then specify 5. Which is your favourite ice cream brand? Walls Omore Yummy Gourmet Any other then specify 5. Which is your favourite TV ad of ice cream? Walls Omore Yummy Gourmet Any other then specify 5. Which is your favourite mobile connection? Jazz * ufone warid Telenor
Any other then specify 5. Which are your favourite TV ads of mobile connection? Jazz U fone Warid Telenor Any other then specify 5. Which is your favourite shampoo? Dove Pentene * Sunsilk * Head and shoulders * Any other then specify 5. Which is your favourite TV add of shampoo? Dove Pentene Sunsilk Head and shoulders Any other then specify Section 4: Getting a balance 5. Do the adds help you to perceive about product? ? Yes ? No 16. Do the TV ads influence your shopping? ? Yes ? No 17. Do you think that there is Difference between favorite TV commercial and product used? ? Yes ? No Independent Variables: Changing market conditions: if there is any change in market condition that will not effect on the motivation and workforce ability of warid employees * Merging of two or more firms (wateen): the collaboration and new way to perform create the motivation level, but here no effect on the workforce in warid * Strategy changes: If the strategy change in the performance of employees that will no effect on downsizing, but it is considered that the change in competitor strategy, that will effect. Dependent Variables: * Profit Margin: A company’s profit margin is calculated by dividing profits by sales.
This ratio can be a reverse proxy for the cost of producing each dollar of sales. If the per unit labor cost decreases as a result of downsizing, profit margin will rise. * * Asset Efficiency: The asset efficiency of a company is measured by dividing sales by assets. This measure identifies how efficiently a company is using its assets to produce its sales. If a firm can reduce its assets while eliminating employees and simultaneously maintain or increase sales, it will enhance its asset efficiency. In contrast, if sales significantly drop with the reduction in staff, asset efficiency could remain constant or even decrease. Market-to-Book Ratio: A company’s market-to-book ratio is calculated by dividing the market value of the equity of a firm by its value on the books. This measure more directly reflects the investors’ perceptions of future performance than current or past performance. Thus, if investors believe that the announced layoff will improve the future effectiveness of the company, the ratio should increase. * Disaster in new project : this is dependent on the workforce of company. Because there lose in the company and they compensate through decrease in expensis may be in the shape of employees layoff Hypothesis Testing and Data Analysis Q1| | | Frequency| Percent| Valid Percent| Cumulative Percent| Valid| 1| 3| 30. 0| 30. 0| 30. 0| | 2| 3| 30. 0| 30. 0| 60. 0| | 3| 4| 40. 0| 40. 0| 100. 0| | Total| 10| 100. 0| 100. 0| | Q2| | | | Frequency| Percent| Valid Percent| Cumulative Percent| Valid| 5| 3| 30. 0| 30. 0| 30. 0| | 6| 4| 40. 0| 40. 0| 70. 0| | 7| 3| 30. 0| 30. 0| 100. 0| | Total| 10| 100. 0| 100. 0| | Q3| | | | Frequency| Percent| Valid Percent| Cumulative Percent| Valid| 1| 10| 100. 0| 100. 0| 100. 0| Q4| | | | Frequency| Percent| Valid Percent| Cumulative Percent| Valid| 1| 4| 40. 0| 40. 0| 40. 0| | 3| 6| 60. 0| 60. 0| 100. 0| | Total| 10| 100. 0| 100. 0| |
Q5| | | | Frequency| Percent| Valid Percent| Cumulative Percent| Valid| 1| 8| 80. 0| 80. 0| 80. 0| | 3| 2| 20. 0| 20. 0| 100. 0| | Total| 10| 100. 0| 100. 0| | Q6| | | | Frequency| Percent| Valid Percent| Cumulative Percent| Valid| 1| 9| 90. 0| 90. 0| 90. 0| | 3| 1| 10. 0| 10. 0| 100. 0| | Total| 10| 100. 0| 100. 0| | Q7| | | | Frequency| Percent| Valid Percent| Cumulative Percent| Valid| 8| 7| 70. 0| 70. 0| 70. 0| | 9| 2| 20. 0| 20. 0| 90. 0| | 10| 1| 10. 0| 10. 0| 100. 0| | Total| 10| 100. 0| 100. 0| | Q8| | | | Frequency| Percent| Valid Percent| Cumulative Percent| Valid| 2| 4| 40. 0| 40. 0| 40. 0| | 3| 6| 60. 0| 60. 0| 100. 0| Total| 10| 100. 0| 100. 0| | Q9| | | | Frequency| Percent| Valid Percent| Cumulative Percent| Valid| 1| 5| 50. 0| 50. 0| 50. 0| | 3| 5| 50. 0| 50. 0| 100. 0| | Total| 10| 100. 0| 100. 0| | Q10| | | | Frequency| Percent| Valid Percent| Cumulative Percent| Valid| 1| 7| 70. 0| 70. 0| 70. 0| | 3| 3| 30. 0| 30. 0| 100. 0| | Total| 10| 100. 0| 100. 0| | Q11| | | | Frequency| Percent| Valid Percent| Cumulative Percent| Valid| 14| 7| 70. 0| 70. 0| 70. 0| | 15| 3| 30. 0| 30. 0| 100. 0| | Total| 10| 100. 0| 100. 0| | Q12| | | | Frequency| Percent| Valid Percent| Cumulative Percent| Valid| 11| 3| 30. 0| 30. 0| 30. 0| | 12| 3| 30. 0| 30. 0| 60. | | 13| 4| 40. 0| 40. 0| 100. 0| | Total| 10| 100. 0| 100. 0| | Q13| | | | Frequency| Percent| Valid Percent| Cumulative Percent| Valid| 12| 3| 30. 0| 30. 0| 30. 0| | 13| 7| 70. 0| 70. 0| 100. 0| | Total| 10| 100. 0| 100. 0| | Q14| | | | Frequency| Percent| Valid Percent| Cumulative Percent| Valid| 16| 6| 60. 0| 60. 0| 60. 0| | 17| 1| 10. 0| 10. 0| 70. 0| | 18| 3| 30. 0| 30. 0| 100. 0| | Total| 10| 100. 0| 100. 0| | Gender Percentage in Research: . 1. Which mobile connection you are using except warid? 2. What you think, Service of WARID as an employee or a customer is? 3. What do you think that the sales of WARID are decreasing? . The downsizing of warid is due to external causes? 5. Work force in Warid is decreasing? 6. Is there any effect on existing employees of warid due to downsizing? 7. After downsizing employees start working 8. Warid is providing fast internet facility than its competitor? 9. SMS craze package is cheaper then its competitor? 11. WARID should focus on 1. Packages rate 2. Advertisement 3. No idea 12. How would you rate the general services of WAID? 13. The current situation of WARID? 14. The reason in warid downsizing is Result of Questionnaire: This survey generates the following result according to the people and employees of warid.
Basically people and employees of warid using mobilink connect more frequently and among youngsters, Ufone is more common. But they are just satisfying with the Warid services. All of the people and respondent agree that the sales of warid are decreased and they are facing lose in business. Here one more main issue arise that is external causes are the main reason in decrease in warid sales and performance so that’s why the company is facing crisis. This cause some effect on warid employees, they believe that the company is facing crisis and that’s why company starting layoff.
But here some positive aspect is founded. Employees are more efficiently doing their task, and performance level rise due to layoffs. The main reason in decrease in workforce is considered competitor strategy towards customer. They considered, Warid should bring change in the existing packages. Because of this situation in market, employees face fear in work environment and the productivity is decreases. Another fact is founded that is company failed to meet the employee’s satisfaction level. This is occurring due to the disaster in new project in warid. Selection of Alternative Hypothesis:
The alternative hypothesis is selected: That is “Downsizing create de-motivation and employees become less productive and workforce of warid is decrease” Measure of Organizational Downsizing: A standardized measure was developed to provide a more accurate means to compare downsizing in warid. The organizational downsizing variable used in the study is the magnitude of the announced layoff divided by total number of employees in the company. Such a relative assessment of downsizing provides a more accurate means of examining the impact of a layoff on a company’s financial performance.
So, 200-employee layoff in a firm the size of warid (36,200 employees) is likely very different from a 200employee layoff. Effects of Downsizing: All small business owners know the weighty responsibility of having employees dependent upon him to provide for their families. Despite a popular perceived view, not all business owners are cold-hearted calculating machines caring only for profits at the expense of everyone they step on while rising to the top. Downsizing also has an economic risk. Shrinking a business reduces market value and reduces its customer base, which can be dangerous if perception of the company views it as unreliable.
Growth is always viewed as a positive. Downsizing is not, and doing so will require a good public relations plan to offset negative publicity and customer perceptions. Another effect is the emotional costs to both owner and employees. Losing a job for any reason is traumatic enough, but losing a job as the result of a business owner’s decision to downsize can be easily misunderstood Analysis through pie charts presentation This chart show the usage of different networks among people 1. Approximately number of Males who are employed in Mobilink, Warid, Zong, Telenor ; Ufone? 2.
Approximately number of Males who are employed in Mobilink, Warid, Zong, Telenor ; Ufone? 3. What is the turnover ratio in Mobilink, Warid, Zong, Telenor ; Ufone? 4. Approximately what percentage of employed has received training internally in Mobilink, Warid, Zong, Telenor ; Ufone? 5. What is the percentage of HR function increase in scope and working in Mobilink, Warid, Zong, Telenor ; Ufone Conclusion: The literature review identifies key innovations in workforce development and service delivery and links between productivity and skills, and it suggests reasons why there is a lack of robust evidence across the organization.
Some positive conclusions conclude that: * There is a great deal of general evidence on: how best to measure productivity and performance; on links between skills and performance; on the benefits of adopting particular working practices; and workforce planning. * In general, while the Review suggests that there are many useful lessons to be learned, there are no simple solutions that can be deployed in all circumstances, although there are many examples of good practice The review of the general literature on links between skills and productivity suggests that, while there is strong evidence that investment in human capital is associated with positive benefits, including improved productivity, as with any other investment there is no guarantee that such benefits will accrue in any particular case. By completing this survey we came to conclude that HRM department is the main department of all telecommunication industry but according to our survey WARID have very well established department of HRM but their all employees are de-motivated and less satisfied with HRM department because of the downsizing.
All these telecommunication industries focus on employee satisfaction and motivation for this they conduct training sessions give incentives and all kind of benefits that retain their employees. HRM play very important role in all activities so every industry focuses on its function and scope for the betterment in present and future. Downsizing, reduction-in-force, restructuring, lay-offs . . . the human consequences are often the same: Fewer people doing more work. The costly* conflicts that arise in such a cauldron of workplace stress are challenging for any manager, and may even lie on the path toward the manager’s own demise.
Reference 1: http://propakistani. pk/2009/04/28/franchisers-not-happy-with-warid/ http://www. scribd. com/doc/18644216/Final-Marketing-Project-on-Warid-Telecom http://www. kurwongbss. eq. edu. au/ourschool/resource/selection/selection. htm Reference 2 http://www. apnatime. com/3186/2009/12/16/telecom/zong-and-warid-are-worst-in-human-resource-category/ Reference 3: http://workforcedeanery. westmidlands. nhs. uk/WorkforcePlanning/WorkforceTransformationProject9/Literaturereview/tabid/1483/language/en-US/Default. aspx Reference 4: http://www. scribd. com/doc/25489812/warid-brand-managment-project? ecret_password=&autodown=pdf Reference 5: http://www. google. com. pk/url? sa=t&source=web&ct=res&cd=10&ved=0CC4QFjAJ&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww. ispak. com. pk%2FDownloads%2FPakistan_Telecom_Report_2008. pdf&rct=j&q=what+are+the+reason+in+warid+downsizing&ei=P0zhS_jiCIyangP3kOU3&usg=AFQjCNH9BGyaTO91C88zGx67ObCneWTv7w Reference 6: http://propakistani. pk/2009/03/30/warid-wraps-up-pr-department-farrah-resigns/ http://propakistani. pk/2009/04/15/warid-pr-dept-is-intact-press-release/ http://business. lovetoknow. com/wiki/Downsizin

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