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I feel that an older adult typically is someone that has experienced many things in life and above 65 years old. Some typical characteristics I would expect to observe in an older adult are mature personality, aged skin such as wrinkles, great insight and advise, retired, some problems with physical ability to walk or run, pain in areas like knees, back, and/or neck, decrease in vision or hearing, and slower reaction time to various situations. An older adult can have various characteristics based on a person’s lifestyle from earlier years, predisposed genetics, and environment. Working in an assisted living for about 4-5 years, I’ve seen many common characteristics for an older generation but that is only at assisted livings. I understand that some older adults live with their children or are capable in living alone.
My stepdad is 52 years old and my mom is 47 years old. I realize they are getting up in their years but I don’t see them as older adults. My parents are still active by going to the gym, playing tennis/basketball, bike riding, traveling, and going to the neighbor’s house to play trivia. I know they will get older and less active in the future but I hope they don’t. I do plan on talking to them soon about what they want to do with their health care in case of an emergency and they are unable to make decisions for themselves. I’m going to be 28 years old this year. I know I have many more years left, but I hope to stay healthy and active when I get older. I’m exercising and watching what I eat so I can make that into reality in the future.
I used to take care of an older woman in an assisted living. She was a funny, blunt, and nice lady. I loved talking to her about her younger days because times were very different than today. She was beautiful when she was younger. I took care of her till her death. Her health declined rapidly and I was distraught because it was sudden. I remember having to get her ready for her family to come and see her one last time. I was by myself during the night shift and I was crying while cleaning her body. I was praying for her to rest peacefully and thanking her for the fun memories. I learned that life always ends and no one is really prepared to lose someone. I can’t imagine about my parents or loved ones death because I refuse to but this experience is one of many that made me understand that death is inevitable.


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