unit viii project msl 6040

 Personal Leadership Training Plan: Final
In Units II, IV, V, and VI, you  designed PowerPoint presentations on different elements of your Personal  Leadership Training Plan. Now, you will put all of the sections  together into one PowerPoint presentation. Make revisions to your  previous sections based upon your feedback from your instructor.  Additionally, you will add a description of a company or leader you  admire and what you can learn from this company or leader.
Start by reviewing your instructor’s feedback from Units II, IV, V, and VI, and then meet the following criteria: 

Combine all PowerPoints into one presentation, and make revisions based on your instructor’s feedback and new knowledge.
Add introduction and conclusion slides (two slides).
Select either a leader or company you admire that experienced a major change in organizational culture.
Explain that change and the circumstances surrounding that change (seven slides minimum).
Explain how you can learn from this change (two slides minimum).

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unit viii project msl 6040
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You are required to use at least one  outside source for this assignment. All sources used must be cited and  referenced according to APA format. You are not required to add  additional slides to the portions submitted in previous units (unless  otherwise instructed by your professor). 

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