unit 4 ip

 Create a 4–6-page MS Word document following APA guidelines (first person should not be used). Write this document for a technical audience. Research and answer the following components: 
1. Language Comparison. Research the following programming languages: Java, JavaScript, C#, and Python. Provide a comparative analysis documenting their capabilities, strengths, weaknesses, and suggested uses. Make a recommendation for type(s) of applications that each language is most suited for. 
2. IDE Comparison. Research integrated development environments (IDE) that work with the Java programming language. Provide a product comparison including their capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Create your own rating scale and rate each one along with your justifications. 
3. Open-Source. Research the concept of using open-source software for business software. Explain the concept, advantages, disadvantages, and any related ethical issues. 

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unit 4 ip
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