Unit 3 Discussions

Unit 3 DB: Strategy and Competitive Advantage (MGT105 Principles of Management)
Think about a product or service you really love – something that you have recommended to your friends or family or that you would get excited talking about to a stranger.  Maybe its LaCroix soft drinks, a comfortable pair of shoes, the double-chocolate muffin at your favorite bakery, or the convenient rides you get through your Lyft app.  With that product or service in mind, think about the business strategy behind it. 

First, conduct research on the business, gathering as much information about its strategy as possible. Visit its website, search for news stories about the product or service, and search social media for mentions of the business.  While you will not be able to learn everything about a      business’s strategy that an insider would know, you should be able to get a general idea of how the business operates and what the industry      environment is like. You MUST post the links to the materials you are drawing your information from as part of the DB.
Next, in your post identify at least two the business’s main competitors. Explain how your chosen business differentiates its product or service from competitors’ offerings you have named. 
Then, explain its competitive advantage, drawing on terms form this week’s reading materials. Do you think the advantage is sustainable?  Why or      why not?

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Unit 3 Discussions
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Unit 3 Discussion: Greek Democracy (HIS101 World Civilization)
A democratic form of government first developed in the ancient city-state of Athens in the fifth century BCE. Why do you believe that democracy first began in Greece? What influence did the Athenian government have on the foundation of American democracy? When responding to classmates, provide additional and new research to support or disprove their position. Make sure to use proper APA format for all citations provided and include a reference list for the citations you use.

Unit 3 Discussion: Product Alignment and Brand Messaging (MKT200 Principles of Marketing)
Walt Disney created the Disney brand from humble beginnings based on his love of drawing and animation. Few brands monetize content better than the Walt Disney Company and has since expanded into a global entertainment and media brand, and recently, has a new leader at the helm.
Simulated Business Scenario
Gabriel is the executive in charge who created and developed Disney’s ‘customer-for-life’ concept.  This is based on the notion that as the child grows, Disney hopes to gain two brand loyalists: the parents and the child. 
Disney’s new CEO asked Gabriel to head up the new Disney+ streaming media brand. The CEO wants Gabriel to create a report which analyzes future marketing of the new Disney+ brand. You are on Gabriel’s team, and he called a series of meetings to brainstorm the three items:

How can Disney+ differentiate itself and all its franchises from competing rivals in the marketplace?
How can it expect to change and grow with their customers over time?
Can Disney+ be a loss leader to get more customers into its other monetization channels?

Unit 3.1 Discussion: I just can’t get enough sleep! (PSY102 Fundamentals of Psychology II)
Sleep is extremely important for our physical and psychological health.

What are your general impressions about the different stages of sleep?
Why is REM sleep so important? Support your position with scholarly sources.

In your response to your classmates, compare and discuss your answers with theirs.

Unit 3.2 Discussion: Health Benefits of Sleep (PSY102 Fundamentals of Psychology II)
Locate and read a current events or scientific research article on the psychological health benefits of sleep. 

Summarize the key findings.
Explain why these findings have important implications for human health.

Make sure to include the APA formatted reference of your source. 

Unit 3 DB: Theories of Cognitive Development (PSY201 Child Development)
Compare and contrast the theories of cognitive development put forth by Piaget and Vygotsky.
Use the following scenario: you are a second-grade teacher and are writing a lesson plan to teach math facts (addition and subtraction).

Based on Piaget’s theory of cognitive development, what materials would you incorporate into your lesson plan? Be specific and explain how your plan is driven by Piaget’s theory.
How would you change your lesson plan based on Vygotsky’s theory? 

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