PLESE MAKE SURE Originality Verification SCORE IS NOT OVER 8%
The following sections are in the final consulting report: Introduction to the Organization and Entry, Informal Data Collection, Micro diagnosis, and Contracting. Begin composing these sections in a document of 6–9 pages, not including the title page, table of contents, or reference list. Address the following elements:

Introduction to the Organization

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Type of organization
Description of and information about the organization (e.g. review Web sites, press, and published documents)
Number of employees or key members
The opportunities that were initially identified or issues the organization faces

Entry, Informal Data Collection, Micro diagnosis, Contracting

Description of the issue or opportunity that served as a starting point for your work with the client
The process of diagnosing the problem and the agreed-upon objectives
The process you used to reach an agreement with the organization

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