UDL Guidelines: Examples and Resources

 This discussion is an opportunity to further demonstrate your ability to apply the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to the design of instruction and assessment. As you learned last week from reading Edyburn (2013) Chapter 5 and viewing the CAST (2010) video UDL at a Glance (Links to an external site.), the three main principles supporting UDL are to Provide Multiple Means of (a) Representation (the “what of learning), (b) Action and Expression (the “how” of learning), and (c) Engagement (the “why” of learning). For this discussion you will review technology checkpoints as they relate to the three main principles of UDL. It may be helpful to review the Week 3 Instructor Guidance page where UDL is explored in the intellectual elaboration and to take time now to review your feedback from the Week 3 assessments as well. Then, to prepare for this discussion, read the Week 4 Instructor Guidance and then visit the The UDL Guidelines (Links to an external site.) (2014) website.  
 Choose one Checkpoint from any of the three guidelines from Principle 2 Provide Multiple Means of Action and Expression. 
It will help to create a presentation in PowerPoint first that is three slides long with each slide covering one of the three points below. Create a transcript for each slide to create a seamless presentation.  The transcript can then serve as your written response that you will include with your recording link. If for some reason you are unable to complete this discussion using the recommended technology, please contact your instructor for an alternative way to respond.

State your assigned principle and selected checkpoint (Links to an external site.) (number and description).  For example, Engagement: Checkpoint 7.2.
In your own words, describe your selected checkpoint and how it relates to your principle.  Make reference to the course readings or outside source to support your description.
Choose one of the bullets below your selected checkpoint (see this resource: UDL Strategies by Checkpoint (Links to an external site.)).  Copy and paste this bullet within your slide and then provide a specific example of how this strategy could be used in your current/future work context. Consider how you might use it when instructing.  

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UDL Guidelines: Examples and Resources
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Edyburn, D. L. (2013). Inclusive technologies: Tools for helping diverse learners achieve academic success (2nd ed.). Bridgepoint Education.

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