An event schedule is an external document provided to attendees so they know what to expect and when. Often the event schedule is found in the event program created for the public or attendees. The production schedule is an internal document to help keep the event planner on schedule in producing the event successfully. Be sure to complete the production schedule learning activity prior to posting to the Discussion Board.
Read the following scenario regarding information given to you, the event planner, to create a 1-day event. You will provide an event schedule for attendees, create a production schedule for the event planner’s use, and explain why these two types of schedules are effective.
Topic: Creating the Event Schedule
Scenario: The client is a family-owned company that prides itself on including employees’ families when at all possible in company functions. For Labor Day in New Jersey, they want to create an all-day picnic for the 100 employees and their families, including children ages 0–18, for a total of 580 people.
The company just wants everyone just to relax, have fun, and enjoy themselves as families on that day.
The festivities are to include:
A singer, a comedy routine, a band playing off and on during the event, a skit, and a magic show, along with a petting zoo where all employees are encouraged to bring in their pets for their children to show, and a two-legged race, an egg in the spoon race, and a 2-mile foot race.
The food will be barbeque style from the grills set up by a catering company.
The hours will be 12:00 noon to 8:00 p.m.

Provide the 1-day event schedule for attendees.
Critique a classmate’s event schedule.
Explain how the classmate’s event schedule is effective in planning this event.
Does the classmate’s event schedule benefit the vendors for an event? Explain.

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