Training Evaluation

Topic #1 – Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of Evaluation Use at least two resources from the class.Review Kirkpatrick’s four levels of evaluation and justify why you would use all these levels even though your boss was interested only in the last one (results). Explain in detail why each level of this evaluation model is important.Topic #2 – Evaluation Tools — Surveys and Beyond Use at least two resources from the class.In your training plan assignment, you are asked to create an evaluation tool to assess your training plan. Surveys are the most common form of assessment, but there are other choices. Compare and contrast (1) online surveys (such as an online training workshop evaluation using Survey Monkey) with another type evaluation tool (such as testing, interviews, or focus groups as examples). (2) Identify how each can best be used in a training evaluation. (3) Explain why these two evaluation tools can be an effective way to assess your training objectives.References ADDIE Evaluation Stage: Getting to Know ADDIE (’s Taxonomy: ( Use of Learning Objectives: Writing Measurable Objectives ([removed]evaluation/resources/[removed]objectives.asp)Kirkpatrick’s Learning & Training Evaluation Theory: Kirkpatrick Evaluation Method ( to Measure Training Effectiveness in 2021: (by Eshna Verma) Measuring Training EffectivenessHow to Develop a Training Budget: Training Budget (

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Training Evaluation
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