Training and development IV

Developing employees through the  implementation of training and development opportunities is a primary  function of human resource management (HRM). Performance measurement and  appraisals are one way to determine what type of additional training is  needed to ensure employee success.   Imagine that you have been hired  as the human resource manager at an organization where you have  previously worked or are currently working. Your first task is to assess  areas for improving training and development and the performance  appraisal system within the organization. Write a document on your  analysis of these two areas. Address the questions below in your  assignment. Use headers to organize your paper and show what you are  covering in your assignment.    
Training and Development Analysis 

What are the steps of the new hire training process? Are there any steps missing that you would add? 
As the human resource manager, how would you evaluate the training needs of your staff? 
How can you ensure that the training you would provide is effective? What data might be used to make your conclusion? 
What considerations would you make for employee learning styles? 
How would future training and development be impacted through human resource planning? 
Do you have a plan to shape employee behavior within your organization? Why, or why not? 

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Training and development IV
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Performance Appraisal Analysis 

As the human resource manager, what are two best practices you would follow when planning for employee performance appraisals? 
What performance methods would you choose over other methods? 
What are two of the common problems with appraisals? How would you avoid them in your organization? 
What components do you think are required for effective human resource planning? 

Be sure to include an introduction.  Support your document with a minimum of two references. Your document must be  at least two pages in length, not counting the title or reference  pages. Adhere to APA style when constructing this assignment, including  in-text citations and references for all sources that are used. Please  note that no abstract is needed.  

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