The Importance of Workforce Development and Employee Investment

As a human resources consultant, how can you convince the leadership team of an organization you are familiar with to take a more long-term investment approach to their human assets that will lead to a qualified, satisfied, motivated, and committed workforce?
As you describe this organizational experience, consider the perspectives of senior leadership. Are these leaders seeking simple solutions to the complicated challenges of the present? Are they tradition-bound? What is their view of the HRM field? Note: These questions are not the focus of this discussion, but they help frame the reality that HR professionals must introduce new and different concepts to manage an organization’s workforce.

Use the Capella library to read the following:

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The Importance of Workforce Development and Employee Investment
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Lawler, E. E., III, & Boudreau, J. W. (2012).Creating an effective human capital strategy. HRMagazine, 57(8), 57–59.
McCord, P. (2014). How Netflix reinvented HR (cover story). Harvard Business Review, 92(1/2), 70-76.

Use the Internet to complete the following:

The Drucker School of Management. (2016). How Peter Drucker’s teachings are used at Netflix: Highly aligned, loosely coupled [Video] | Transcript. Retrieved from

Tawni Cranz, chief talent officer at Netflix, discussed how Peter Drucker’s teachings are used in this organization.
Running ]time: 1:26 minutes

LinkedIn Talent Solutions. (2014). The alliance: Managing talent in the networked age | Talent connect San Francisco [Video] | Transcript. Retrieved from

LinkedIn executive chairman and co-founder Reid Hoffman and others discuss strategies for maintaining a new employer-employee relationship as well as recruiting, managing, and retaining top talent in the networked age.
Running time: 34:53 minutes.

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