Teens Pressure On Body Images

In order to solve this mess et en’s have to step up to the plate and be comfortable in their own skin. Girls are one of the main targets when it comes to media. Each time a girl lo KS at a magazine its like the magazine is telling her, “Are you considering the way you u look yet? ” Thus, these are everyday problems that young girls have to face. Girls feel that tin order to be accepted by others they have to go the extra mile to look their best.
As a kid it always bothered me seeing these celebrities halfway naked with their “perfect” bodied ; furthermore, as I started to reach my adolescence began to marvel at how models had the IR stomachs so perfectly flat. Sooner or later I gained knowledge that in order for models to g et so skinny they either turn anorexic or turn bulimic. After that wondered why models made such dire sacrifices, and then it hit me it’s all because of the pressure that the media PU TTS on body images. “Recent studies show that adolescent girls are more fearful of gaining weight than getting cancer, nuclear war, or losing their parent. ( HTTPS://www. Essayists. Rug/topics/selfimagemediainfluences/ ) Another study indicates, “40%of all 9 and 1 Earldom girls have already been on a diet. ” ( ) Most girls that diet are either underweight or their weight is just normal. ” Provided that 70% of arrear old girls want to be thinner. ” ( ) As you can see the media puts pressure on many age groups, and this is why girls need to re Alice that sometimes it doesn’t matter what’s on the outside, but what’s on the inside. Not only are girls affected by the media, but now boys are being affected by it too.
A ewe study of a national sample of adolescent boys published in the January is sue of “JAM Pediatrics”, reveals that, “Nearly 18% of boys are highly concerned about their weight and physique. ” http://www. Atlantic. Com/health/archive/2014/03/ bodyimagepressureincreasinglyaffects boys/283897/ ) Most boys are focused on having a bigger and muscular appearance, rather than, focusing on being thin. One way that boys attain muscle is by using steer odds and protein powders just to look like Johnny Bravo; subsequently, “The long term effects o f steroids is associated with depression, rage attacks, suicidal tendencies, and cardiogram atheist. ( bodyimagepressureincreasinglyaffects boys/283897/ )

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Teens Pressure On Body Images
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